Loving you comes easy to me || Marley & Anika Nolan

Her wife was sleeping, so was Cade, though Anika couldn’t sleep, the lullabies doing nothing for the headache she was experiencing. The bells were driving her crazy, and she was getting sick of them. She knew they belonged to Sage, and Anika didn’t want to talk to her mother right now, she wanted to spend time with her family, much needed time. She finds herself in the kitchen, making scrambled eggs, and toast. It was all she could make with the headache Sage had given her. A yawn leaves her lips, as she puts the scrambled eggs on the toast that were sitting on the plates, before pouring orange juice into the glasses.

If she could growl right now she would, as she heard the bells in her head once more, making her close her eyes, trying her best to ignore the urgency in her voice. Sage did say she wasn’t in danger, so Anika didn’t want to hear any of it. As she picks up one of the glasses to set on the tray that the food was on, she drops it, her reflexes slower now, she watches it crash to the ground, orange juice and glass going everywhere.”Dammit.” She murmurs, as she grabs a tea towel to pick up the glass, her eyes going to what she is doing, while her mind tried its best to block out her mother.