So here’s a few photos from my suspension on May 27th, 2013 honoring ten years gone by since my mom passed away unexpectedly. I wanted to go up at the same time that she died, which was accomplished. I have never felt such a beautiful, wonderful feeling of relief as I started to fly. A “resurrection” position seemed to be the most appropriate way to suspend. Those that are close know that my relationship was not very good with my mom. I’ve been carrying around this pain and guilt about her death for the past decade and I feel that it has been released now.

A huge thank you to Steve Joyner and the CORE team for facilitating this important moment in my life. Also thank you Annie and Jay for being there to support me.

I am finally happy.

alunajoy asked:

What's the best way to completely remove a dark shade of lipstick without smearing it and messing up the makeup around your mouth and not leave any residue behind- like it was never there?

Very pigmented lipsticks can be hard to remove fully.  My best recommendation is to use the same method I suggest for waterproof mascara, etc - oil!

I use olive oil to get off stubborn makeup, no matter what kind, because it will melt it away without being harsh or stripping the skin.  Olive oil is also quite inexpensive, and you only need about a drop on a cotton ball (plus this won’t taste awful on your lips, like a traditional makeup remover).  Gently wipe the lipstick from your lips, and then use a clean cloth to rinse the oil from your lips.  The oil should leave your lips feeling soft as well!

Remember that scrubbing your lips will automatically make them appear darker, because you’re stimulating blood flow.  This method should do the trick!  :)