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I’m going to be at Muhlenberg College’s Media & Communication Alumni Week. Thursday and Friday. To talk about ~adult life after school~ but mainly blogging, social media, and the music industry! I am also moderating a panel about TV.

I hope to see you and meet you maybe if you promise not to be a weird jerk.

LSE Alumni Profile: Suneel Pillai

As part of “Alumni Week”, every day this week we’re looking at a different profile of a past MSc student of the LSE.

Today we’re talking to Suneel Pillai who graduated from LSE in 2008 with an MSc in Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems. Suneel currently splits his time between Bangalore and London.

1. What is your current job role?

I am the founder of an early stage tech-startup called Kollido (spelt collide with an ‘o’). We are building a platform that connects individuals based on their interests, which is now available to students at LSE to try out. As founder of a bootstrapped startup, my role requires me to be closely involved in disparate functions of firm-building such as product development, recruitment, financing and marketing to name a few.

2. What did you do directly after the completion of your MSc?

I graduated in 2008 which was timed well with the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the subsequent recession. After a few months job hunting, I was recruited by Ernst & Young to join their management consulting division. A combination of prior industry experience in the software services sector and a master’s degree from LSE in Management helped improve my chances in a difficult market. Within EY, I was a part of the IT Advisory practice where we helped clients improve their business performance by supporting technology implementations and large scale transformation programs.

3. Thinking longer term, what have you done career wise?

I started my career as a programmer with Infosys, focusing on databases and application integration. Later on in my career I began engaging with clients more directly which gave me a real insight into business problems our applications were meant to solve. This motivated me to pursue management consulting as a career path, which led me to join EY after completing my masters degree. I have performed managerial as well as analytical roles on diverse engagements with clients across both the public and private sector. My current role however is entrepreneurial and I can finally use ‘challenging’ and ‘satisfying’ in the same sentence while describing my job.

4. Reflecting on your MSc, what do you feel you gained from the course that has aided you in your current role, but also more generally in your career?

LSE’s strong foundations in the social sciences were reflected in the course I took, and practically this made a difference to how I viewed my profession. Software systems are viewed very differently by programmers and end users, and these views are mostly disjunct. Through the duration of my course I was able to understand that technology adoption takes place not just by having a great product but equally importantly by addressing the social aspects of the users.

5. Is there anything you wish you’d known prior to starting your MSc?

I wish I had known more about the excellent library LSE has. In fact I discovered the library, its unparalleled range of books across varied subjects, only after I graduated. But I might be in the minority here, most of my peers at LSE utilized the library and its resources fairly well.

6. Were you involved in any clubs or societies whilst at LSE? Did any of these help you progress in your chosen career path? 

In the frenetic activity that accompanies the first few weeks of Michaelmas, I had enrolled for more than a couple of societies including many cultural ones as well as those based on activities and careers. However, I gained a few skills at public speaking in the times I spent with the Debating Society which helped me shed some of my fears. The Film Society also exposed us to some very interesting movies which definitely helped broaden my views about the world.

7. And finally, is there anything else you’d like to say about your time whilst at LSE studying for your MSc? Or perhaps some words of advice to the current postgraduate students?!

LSE has an active social life which offers opportunities to meet people from different cultures across the world. I have gained much, in terms of great friendships as well as a better appreciation of diversity, during the time I spent at LSE. While it is easy to get immersed in coursework, it is not very often in life that you can find yourself sharing an environment with over 100 nationalities (the LSE is said to have proclaimed that it represents more nationalities than the United Nations). I would recommend venturing out, maybe a pint at the Tuns could end up solving disputes between nations.


“I always love working with the local alt newspapers. They tend to have tight turnarounds, but I love the challenge of banging out an illustration in just a few days. It often leads to some of my favorite work.” -Leo Zarosinski, PNCA alum, on his many illustrations for the Portland Mercury and Willamette Week.

It’s been a year from today since I graduated from Cabrini with some of the most amazing people (more than in this photo). It is truly unreal that a year has already gone by. Congrats again to the class of 2015 who graduated yesterday and I can’t wait to be reunited with everyone in a few weeks at alumni weekend! (at Cabrini College)

Bulletin, Friday 5/22/15


Today is the day. The trumpets sound. Many mechanical gates slide upward, ending with a loud clang that seems to echo for miles. The Seniors look hesitantly into the outdoors. The bright sunlight shines harshly into their eyes, which have not seen such color in four years. The first Senior walks out. Her dirty bare feet touch the soft soil of the outdoors. She listens, alert, for an alarm, or an approaching security guard. Nothing happens. The Seniors stand, stunned by their apparent freedom. Suddenly, one yells “We did it!” All the Seniors rush out of the building, meeting fresh air for the first time since they came to OPRF four years ago. An aura of joy seems to hang in the air as hundreds of excited students rip off their IDs. They have done it. They are free.

They also completely forgot to coordinate a Senior Prank. Way to go Seniors. Way to go.

Alumni of the Week: All of you Seniors. Congratulations to you all!

Daily Worm King Compliment: Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only Worm King I see.

Club Corner

Good news, Time Travel Club! We have developed some makeshift Time Travel technology to send us back to 1436 to retrieve our equipment. It is one-way only, so we must succeed in getting back our real devices or we will not return.

All of Plot Device Club was thrown into a pit yesterday, but their orange cafeteria tray is still out there. If anyone knows of its whereabouts, please let the Worm King know so he can hide it far away from here and never let it join with the other 731 orange cafeteria trays he has collected. If they join here, it would surely kill him. 

College Callers

University of Imminent Plot Climaxes- Room 207, Period 4

University of Michigan- Room 207, Period 5

This is my submission for MLP-ATG-Alumni’s Week 202 Theme, A Rodeo Pony / A Pony Performer. Hey, wait… did I actually get one of these in on time? Sweet! Now let’s see if I can keep doing that.

At any rate, this is my pony versions of the Equestria Girls character dubbed “Watermelody”. I have sketched her before, but this is the first time I have done a full vector of her. And once again, I have shown her doing some form of performance (as is appropriate for this week’s theme), but unlike my last sketch, this one is not necessarily Shakespearean in nature. I’ll admit that I’m not an expert on Shakespeare, but I don’t really associate his work with cheery song-and-dance numbers.

deviantART link

Picture was hand-drawn, then vector-traced with Inkscape.

Credit goes to Hasbro and Lauren Faust for creating MLP:FiM.

manners-maketh-man-x asked:

Hi there! My name is Betsy and I'm doing the Disney Summer Alumni Program starting next week. I've been assigned to Speedway and not gonna lie, after working the Haunted Mansion for 8 months it kinda feels like a step down. I just wanted to hear more about what it was like working there to get me more excited for it for the summer! I really truly want to love it but it just kinda feels like a death sentence. Any advice would be truly appreciated! Thank you!

Hey Betsy! That’s so exciting! Speedway is a great community - lots of late night taco bell runs and great days in the parks having fun on your downtime. It’s crazy hot- those 96 cars and their gas don’t help with the humidity but the team really makes up for it, honestly. Plus we of course got to watch Wishes every night for free and out on the bridge it’s something pretty damn special. 

I am not going to lie when I found I was assigned to Speedway I was crazy disappointed to start off with but it’s such a wonderful team they made every day easy and the days off even more fun. We also drive the cars from time to time which is more fun than pressing a button!

Hope that helps lovely- relax and enjoy x


This week’s blog comes from Outstanding feature film, directing, and editing Dusty winner Juan Paulo Laserna.  He talks to us about what it’s like creating his first feature, and all the work and time that goes into it.

I recently shot my first feature back in Colombia and can easily say it has been the biggest undertaking of my life. This movie was to determine if filmmaking was what I wanted to do with my future and for that reason it had to be a truly ambitious project. The endless rewrites, the sleepless hours of shooting and editing really will bring you not only to understand if you love your vision but also if you are carved for filmmaking. It involves putting everything you have into it, knowing that it can all go wrong. It’s believing in the idea despite other people telling you not to do it, overcoming the countless obstacles by integrating them into the fabric of the film. The movie takes a life of its own and it evolves through every stage of its making as well as with every new person that works on it. The responsibility of the Director is not highjack this process to his will, but to lead the original idea of the film through the input of all those involved, accepting that things can and will be different from what he set out to make. The adaptability to change, the will to hustle and understanding of the nature of the film, are the most important assets a filmmaker has to make a good film.

Shooting in Colombia and under a micro budget brought with it all kinds of challenges. The first one was to assemble a professional crew that believed in the project. The casting for the main characters needed to be very specific because of the subject matter of the film, and fit the schedules of the crew. This eventually brought us down to a 23-day margin in December, during which my first assistant and I meticulously planned the shooting schedule according to location availability. Some scenes required a greater number of extras and that was the time family and friends would be available. We shot 6 days per week, about 14 hour days, during which I had to direct, produce and data manage the content, making it an exhausting but profoundly fulfilling experience. The order and professionalism allowed the postproduction to be a much smoother experience, allowing our workflow to be very efficient. In the end, the journey of making the film was a deeply personal and life-changing experience, one that when the result is seen on the big screen leaves you no doubt it was all worth it.

I’m hoping that tomorrow flies by like today because if it drags I’m going to die

ALSO I might get to go home early because I accidentally stayed an hour longer than I was scheduled, but we were busy and no one said anything? And I literally didn’t remember until I was getting into my car after working the full day? Whoops

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to the sweet release of Sunday

Swiss University Alumni Gathering at Swiss Week 2015: swissnex China organized an informal gathering for alumni from all Swiss universities at the Swiss Week 2015. Different from last year, swissnex China did not have a booth at the Swiss Village, but we were nevertheless able to provide a tent to host participating alumni members on May 14th. Pascal Marmier, Vice Consul General and CEO of swissnex China, and Anna Mattei, Deputy […]

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Bah, I seem to be getting later and later with these…

At any rate, this is my submission for MLP-ATG-Alumni’s Week 201 Theme, A Pony’s Companion / A Loyal Friend. It is, of course, Twilight Sparkle with her loyal pet/assistant, Owlowysius.

I tried to go for a show-accurate style for a change, here. Her face seems to be a little off, but I’m still reasonably pleased with how this came out.

deviantART link

Picture was hand-drawn, then vector-traced with Inkscape.

Credit goes to Hasbro and Lauren Faust for creating MLP:FiM.

Players of the Week – Devin Pearson & Dylan Nelson

Congratulations to Devin Pearson and Dylan Nelson, the May 12-18 California Warriors Alumni Players of the Week!

Hitter of the Week: Devin Pearson / OF / UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley faced off against the University of Southern California this week in a 3-game series that saw the CAL Bears (17-10 conference) take 2 of 3 from the Trojans (16-11 conference). The Bears offense was fueled by a highly-productive week from Pearson, who continued to bolster his great numbers this season – over the three games against USC, he went 7-for-10 with 5 Runs, 1 RBI, 1 Double, 1 Triple, and 2 BB – giving him a season triple-slash line of .370/.431/.602 to go along with 24 Runs, 21 RBI, 9 Doubles, and 4 HR in 108 AB.

Pitcher of the Week: Dylan Nelson / RHP / UC Berkeley

Nelson was lights-out on the hill once again for the Bears this week, collecting a two-inning Save against the USC Trojans. The two innings of shutout ball got him his team-leading 8th Save of the season, and saw his ERA improve to 3.60 with 31 K’s over 25 Innings of work. Dylan’s Senior season with the Bears has been a productive one, and his late-inning relief work has been an integral part of this CAL Bears team’s success. The Bears close out their regular season this weekend against the Oregon State Beavers.