Anime Banzai 2014

(( Photo 1 - Dormouse Ronald (reaperronaldknox), and Levi.

Photo 2 - Millie, Cheshire Grell (reapergrellsutcliff), and Wolfwood.

Photo 3 - Alucard, and Cheshire Grell (reapergrellsutcliff).

Photo 4 - Father Anderson, Cheshire Grell (reapergrellsutcliff), Seras, and Alucard.

Photo 5 - Tokiya (tegansebastian), and Cheshire Grell (reapergrellsutcliff).

—Any cosplayers in my photos, please reblog and let me know who you are, and I will edit the post to credit you with a link!  Some of you I know, but I don’t know if you are on Tumblr.—

Photographed by whomever had my camera at the time.  Photo processing by Me. ))


Queen: All these years and you haven’t aged a day, Alucard. Unfortunately, time’s march has not been as kind to me. Can you believe how quickly I became an old woman?
Alucard: I still see the same spirited young woman I met 50 years ago, your Majesty. In fact to my eyes, time has made you even more beautiful, your Highness.