I just learned that part of the worldbuilding for redverse (in Fringe) was that they treat autistic people a lot better, like, they will actively help you and train you to do things you are uniquely suited for, and Lookers at Fringe Division like Astrid tend to be autistic folks who are good with math and numbers and like

yes it has a hint of the “all autistic people are savants” trope on the surface but like jasika nicole’s sister is autistic (and is NOT a savant) and akiva goldsman (who made that decision, I believe) used to work with autistic kids (so I’d assume he knows not all autistic kids are savants) so it clearly wasn’t intended to say that, it was actually meant to be yet another “look how different this universe is” thing because “look how different this is, we value our people with developmental disabilities and find careers for them to have that they can be awesome at without expecting them to be just like us”

like it’s not perfect and i wish a lot of this wasn’t “you find this out in interviews” but still it is REALLY AWESOME and  makes me very happy