Assassin’s Creed Revelations Song By Broken Pixels - “This is your Creed”

Altir, Ezio, and Desmond, and so much more


So Yesterday was the start of E3 and was also Ubisoft’s press conference. The biggest news out of their pc was the announcement of yet another Assassin’s Creed game. Yes that’s right Ubisoft’s biggest game is becoming CODish and coming out every year.

According to Ubisoft Revelations will take place in Constantinople during the height of the Ottoman Empire. They also said that Altir shall be playable in the game and all the mysteries from the three previous games shall finally be reveled! (With revelations in the title I sure hope so.)

During Ubisoft’s press conference a demo was revealed. In this demo an aging Ezio cases quite the hoopla as he escapes Constantinople. Such as destroying a light house and single-handedly setting nearly every ship in the harbor on fire. From what I saw of the demo it appears that Ubisoft has added new moves and new weapons for the characters to use.

So that was the news of the game, now it’s time for my opinion of the game. I will most likely play the game. It’s Assassin’s Creed, they are always good games. I love the duel story lines of Desmond and his ancestors. I also love the gameplay style of the games and I love history so that’s a plus. However I am a also strong propionate of pushing back release dates for games. In almost all cases when a game developer pushes back a release day that usually means that they are fixing the problems with the game and making it better. And you don’t have to release a game every year, especially this year. With so many great games coming out Assassin’s Creed: Revelations might find lower than expected sale figures and may detour Ubisoft from making DLC and other such stuff. Also with a game like Assassin’s Creed: Revelations you have huge historically actuate map which allows free roaming, and the player can do so much in the world. making a game every year puts pressure on the publishers and creators to get it out in time. This can cause the game to be sub-par, and to have so many glicks. Thus why when are a video game company, the bottom-line is less important than making good games. If you sit on a game until you know it’s perfect you are guaranteed to sell more copies than if you rush it for a holiday season release. Plus the holiday season is perhaps the most competitive time for game companies, not only is everyone buying gifts but it is also the close of the fourth quarter which means companies will try to meet sales figure goals. 

However Ubisoft isn’t stupid. They know that AS:R will sale, why do you think they’ve made three games already? They are expanding on a story they already created and promised that this would close out Ezio’s story. I’m guessing that means that the old guy we see in the demo will probably not survive beyond this game. They also promised to bring Altir back as a playable character and promised to expand on Desmond’s story more. I feel this is a good move. I personally enjoy the Desmond story, and I hope we actually get to do much more with him.

I really got excited for this game when I saw the teaser trailer. It shows how mysterious the story really is and promised that all of our questions will be answered. For Ubisoft’s sake they better keep their promises. I’m not going to buy for games just to be ever more confused when none of my questions are answered. If they break their promises, then computer generated foes won’t be the only ones running from an assassin.     


Today is the big day, Assassin’s Creed 3 is out today, and we could all tell this is suppose to be the best one yet, now a friend of mine already has it but all he told me that the story is really interesting and I believe him and little known fact: AC3 already sold more pre-order copies than Black Ops 2 and when I found out,it just made me so proud. :’) so yeah just the reminder it is out today at your nearby GameStop and hope you enjoy the game when you all get and it any of you have it for ps3 message me your gamer tag and ill add you.