Let's take a walk in the garden...

"I love you too Mistress Fiora." Nyx hugged her tightly and let her cry and collect herself. Normally Nyx would have jumped down or moved, but Fiora wasn’t moving and she figured the pool could wait. After all, it wasn’t going anywhere.

She kissed her again, but this time put her arms around her master’s neck and kissed her much more softly. The young girl was breathing heavily when she pulled away and looked up into Fiora’s eyes with a blush across her nose and cheek. “It can wait…”

The smell of her heat awakening once more was wafting up and she hoped her master understood the message. She needed her now. And no one else could ever satisfy her needs. Only the one she loved could do it. Only Fiora could sate her.


elfpen replied to your post:Terence ☯, ☠, and ♤. Dinadan ☮, and finally, ♒: What are a few of the opinions from the Round Table on Gawain and Terence’s relationship?

OMG THANK YOU ALL OF THESE ARE LOVELY and I NEED a drabble where Dinadan thinks that Terence is Gawain’s son, even just for a little while, and tries to prove it. TOO GOOD.

I CAN SEE IT THOUGH Dinadan thinks he’s being all sneaky sidling up to Terence like “what up pal how old are you again?”

And Terence is like “Idk, eighteen, maybs?”

And Dinadan’s like hmmmmm and then starts spreading the rumor around and digging in to try to prove it until he goes up to Kai and is like “so Gawain’s secretly a daddy yo”

And Kai’s like “wat”

and Dinadan’s like “Teeeerence?”

"…is only four years younger than Gawain?"


And he’s the laughingstock of the court for about three weeks. Gawain never finds out, but Terence does and makes Dinadan’s life miserable for a while until he snaps. “IT’S NOT MY FAULT YOU NEVER AGE.”

And then something clicks with that and he starts doing research into elves.