Me and one of my friends talking about religion:
  • Me:Hey, not to be stereotypical, but are you Hindu? (Seeing he's Indian and I didn't know his religion.)
  • Him:
  • Me:
  • Him:
  • Me:Never mind! (After I checked his Facebook page, it said he was an Unitarian Universalist.)
  • Him:I am what you'd call a spiritual. Or yeah, universalist... but I prefer the term humanist. That humans, as intelligent species capable of psychological micro-evolution are all part of God and that what we currently refer to as God is, instead, simply the set of rules and parameters that the universe operates by. So, humans as a whole are an omnicapable God that has simply not grown up yet.
  • Me:*raises eyebrow in revelation* Wow. Never thought of it that way.
  • Him:Well, if we didn't drag ourselves down with religion and vanity and constant litigation, we could probably be surfing the solar winds right now, but we focus so much on "preserving our faith" that we make no room for true progress. Which is silly. More progress = more happiness, because when we come to a point where disease is eliminated and we're capable of neutralizing cosmic threats, we truly have nothing to worry about.
  • Me:I always went about it this way: People believe in "God" because they look at all the good parts of religion, but they completely dis-acknowledge the fact that there ARE bad things happening in the world. Atheists are always labeled as evil and as people who are going to hell because they don't believe, but how can you know there IS even a hell to go to? And atheists aren't bad. There are bad people in all groups of people who believe (or not believe) in God(s). A bad character doesn't determine a bad "belief". Another thing is that being "religious" in all ways is unreliable. Science, reason, evidence, and logic all are factors that are completely not for religion. And really, religion contradicts itself. But, this whole entire time that my mind was set on "there can't possibly be a God!" I wasn't thinking in your terms.
  • Him:What is God, though? Everyone worships it, everyone believes it has a son, (well, several hundreds of millions do) but we never ponder God's true nature because apparently it's biblically illegal. That's idiotic. If i were grandfather to a whole race, I'd want them to know me. The bible says to be intimate with God but never question it, which is also silly because the first rule of science is to question everything and without a pool of power, there is no science and without this God thing there can be no power.
  • Me:Science and religion always conflict.
  • Him:But in a way, they should go hand in hand.