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I recently made my 200th post on tumblr and decided to celebrate with a special contest! I will be giving away this custom swamp to the contest winner! Each note will constitute an entry in the prize drawing, so like and share for the best odds. The contest will end may 30th and the winner will be announced next Sunday, May 31.
Best of luck to you!

“When I went in to sing my harmony parts, I was reading some of Myles’s lyrics for the first time, and afterward, I wanted to go ask him if he was OK. Some of the lyrics are so dark … they pretty much couldn’t be more opposite to Creed lyrics. They deal with struggles of faith and giving up hope. I think it’s good to explore those dark moods, and it helps the artistic process, but it really made you want to give Myles a hug.“

- Mark Tremonti

You know what?  This only makes me want to ship them harder (if thats possible) even my Mum agreed that the BBC are homophobic and actually they look kind of ridiculous now because its laughable that they can brush this story off as a bromance completely laughable.  It goes against what we saw WHAT ALL THOSE REVIEWS SAW that I posted from online from different people, men, women they all knew it was a romance and its insulting to the actors who portayed this love story.  Im never gonna forget this amazing love story it means so much to me and it inspires me and the only thing I can take from this is that we are gonna be the future we’re gonna be the ones that accept love in whatever form it takes never judge people and embrace this story for what it is LOVE and not bromance.