"The food was unremarkable," said the West Los Angeles IT specialist, 32, who visited to use up a Groupon voucher. "Given that there are so many good places to eat in L.A., I have a really hard time saying yes to that."

Ooohhh, look at mistah computah who used a groupie doopie. I’m sahrry a nice piece a’ corned beef doesn’t meet ya majesty’s standahds.

"It used to be that delis had a very loyal customer base who would come in every day," he said. "But now, with the restaurant industry in L.A. exploding with thousands and thousands of new options, why would they?"

Restaurant? What restaurant? It’s a deli. You go in, you sit down, you have a sandwich, a pickle, maybe a piece a’ kugel. And that’s it, that’s a meal. What restaurant?