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"She" by Gram Parsons

Kinda like Elvis introduced black music to white kids, Gram Parsons is the guy who introduced Country music to people who felt obligated to disparage Country music.  He emphasized Rock & Roll’s Country roots—and surprised an audience who hadn’t known Rock even had roots in Country.  He was a good-looking kid with rock star friends and a privileged background, which still irritates people who believe (for some fucking reason) that their favorite artists have to be “authentic” (re: poor and untutored).  He was the right guy at the right time, but more importantly, Gram Parsons had a genuine passion for “Cosmic American Music” that he was able to share with people who might’ve missed out otherwise; forget your trendy World Music CD’s, friend, here’s a world of music in your own backyard.


A magical, new, extra wide First Aid Kit music video to start off your week.


The Civil Wars - The One That Got Away


One of my favorite Lucero songs, “The Devil And Maggie Chascarillo”, acoustic no less. Great either way!