Another act that never seems to fail at melting me into a puddle of bittersweet, sigh inducing feels is, of course, British duo Aquilo. The duo has a new EP coming soon, and they’ve revealed a stunning ambient electronic song off the record. With Calling Me also comes a riveting music video boasting passionate choreography and exquisite cinematography. It’s a fine match for the song’s subtly intense atmospheric pop, brimming with raw, aching emotion. Calling Me is the title track off their third EP, which will be out May 29th on B3SCI / Island Records.


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Kitchen Tools (pot, cutting board, knife, etc.)

By now, I’ve already heaped endless praise on Son Lux’s debut album Lantern countless times. The incredibly talented and brilliant symphonic pop artist is releasing a sophomore album soon, and my expectations are sky high. New song You Don’t Know Me proves to me that I haven’t set the bar too high. Along with his usual cinematic flourishes and instrumental intricacies, Ryan Lott also brings an increased level of experimental, menacing intensity to the haunting track. Simmering, sultry strings and jarring percussion round out the song’s spectacularly turbulent composition. You Don’t Know Me is dark and stormy, seductive and dangerous. Son Lux’s new album, Bones, will be out June 23rd on Glassnote Records. Expect an artistic masterpiece.

  • <p><b></b> Do you ever see something trending and think why the hell is that trending like if it's a band okay maybe they had a new album or if it's a show and new episode but when you see something like cactus trending it's like why??? Did something happen to the cactus fandom??? Did a species die out??? did everyone just had the same urge to look up cactus randomly??? Like what the hell caused this???<p/></p>
Debate Update

I was just formally invited to the judging seminar in September so I could become a judge for the prefectural SHS debate competition in November. The same teacher also invited me to the national judging seminar so I could potentially judge a NATIONAL tournament next spring!

Of course I would only get involved if my BOE superiors would deem it appropriate, but I am still excited either way.

Motorcycle Journey is the first song I ever heard from Argentinian indie rock band Oh So Quiet, and the folksy gem melted my heart pretty much immediately with its gentle strings and mellifluous warmth. The band, fronted by Lucas Zavala, released a new music video for the beauty, which is off their new self titled EP, out right now on Yucatan Records. It’s more than enough reason to re-visit the breezy, Balearic imbued song, which reminds me of a pastoral, earthy blend of SF Bay Area bands Trails and Ways with Waterstrider.

Tried red lipstick for the first time today and thought I’d share! Thoughts??

you look hella cute 💜💛💚💙❤💞

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But the time has come
To throw your halo down
We may never live forever
So you better live for now
Don’t deny it
What you need ain’t in the clouds
Here it comes, here it comes
Time to dirty up your halo

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