This Day in 1D History - April 26



  • do you ever laugh so hard


  • Harry hangs out in Cali with Rod Stewart and fam, nbd (*insert clever Snow White/Rose Red commentary*)


  • Liam tells everyone to stfu
  • but tries to make up for it by continuing his trend of rude selfies
  • and waves oh-so-cutely to fans from the hotel balcony in Peru
opinion on mpreg

here we go— I used to really hate it, everytime i went eww about it, but i learned to like it because of a few reasons- NOT THE BELLY. I don’t like the big belly even on women, it just looks scary,okay. But what I love is the idea of something Louis and Harry did together,something theirs,small living creature, and I’m into all this sweeteness that comes to it, taking special care of Louis,being all protective and stuff, and also,for the angst, when there are assholes that shouts at Louis being a “freak” and then the comfort from Harry is there again~ those are the things that makes mpreg beautiful to me, i just can’t think about the belly and the birth much–
also- i don’t prefer it, but I don’t mind it :)

amourdelespoir asked:

"Rumpelstiltskin Gold!" ((For the name meme.))

Call my muse by their full name and see how they react!

The curse had only just broken, the wave of true love only beginning to dissipate, when he heard the most beautiful sound in the world: a lovely, familiar voice calling out to him. But it was impossible.

Even so, Rumplestiltskin turned around to find the only woman who’d ever truly loved him. His eyes widening in utter astonishment, he could only call out in reply, “Belle?”

laoih asked:

That "no strings attached" line is a line from Jensen though. ;) When asked about a dating profil for their characters at Comic Con Jensen came up with that line, and Berens loved it so he used it.

The vibe I got from the sexting is ‘no strings attached’ and the 'rolling through town’ which he clearly said to Ann Marie while a demon. 

This whole thing, for me, isn’t 'the real’ Dean.

Not the 'rolling through town’ which was a demon!dean line, no matter who originated this. 

Not the dating app instead flirting at local bars

Not the dragging Sam to 8 hours drive just to get hooked up. 

Nothing. Nothing for me here is the Dean I know, not even earlier seasons Dean who used to sleep around a lot.