Hello again!! Here is an update version of hiccup’s map from how to train your dragon 2!
I got a ton of people requesting a poster version of this map! I clean up the background, add color, textures, and also made it compatible for print. All you have to do is download it and order it from Walmart or Walgreens

I made 3 versions..

Hiccup’s Map 12x18 poster

Hiccup’s Map 16x20 poster

Hiccup’s Map 20x30 poster

Hiccup’s Map 24x36 poster

thank you again for loving my works and loving this map!

please check out my hiccup cosplays! I made the entire outfit from leather!


if you do print this i would like to see!! please post and reblog!

a whole bunch of people started following me in the past few days, and I’ve also reached a fairly significant number of followers recently, so thank you!!

also, i dont have a ton of homework this week, soooo if you have any graphics requests or things you’d like to see (be it meta or a certain type of graphic or liveblog or whatever) tell me!

anonymous asked:

Hey! I was just wondering, if I sent in a request for you to draw, would there be a particular reason it didn't get drawn? Or could I send another in the future if I didn't get picked?

((nah man you can always send another next time i’ve got them opened up if you havent gotten one! or if you have, even, as long as it’s a different character or something.

also, if this is about the current round, i have not finished working on those yet, i got a TON that time.

i have got like 2 asks about this so let me clarify real quick: if u sent me a request and it never got done, it is absolutely no reflection on you, i promise, i am objective in the way i choose these. i don’t hate you, you’re not intruding on me, i have no beef with anyone and i wouldn’t open requests if i was gonna get mad at people for sending requests. it’s 100% completely dependent on what i feel like drawing or what palettes strike my fancy whenever i happen to have the time to work on them. the fact that i’m usually drawing for 8 hours a day at work can ssssuuuuuper cut into my desire to draw casually—these requests are for fun/relaxation and if i obligated myself to finish every one i get i would get neither of those desired goals out of them. 

also, they ARE requests—i’m not obligated to do them. the best way to guarantee getting art out of me is, of course, to pay me for it.))

:: so in honor of Valentines Day since it’s like 9 pm where I am I’m gonna surprise people with manips of Cesaro and *insert ship here* because I’ve searched the whole website of pictures of him so I’m loaded. 

:: also you can request manips, if you ship with Cesaro because like I said I’ve got a ton of pictures of him, but if you want any of my other muses IE: Enzo, Edge, Christian just hit me up. I want to say that I am 100% Pro when it comes to manip making, but I’ve had photoshop for like 2+ weeks now. 

There's a monster on the loose

Alright my darlings! Azahar Creek is a brand new roleplay located in the beautiful and mystic town of Azahar Creek, Arizona. Once it was peaceful, the perfect place to live in where no crime was committed and everybody knew everybody. But it all changed last summer when during the Annual June Celebration, four people were killed. Now almost a year later, a stalker who might be the responsible of the crimes started to terrorized the people of Azahar. Threatening with exposing their deepest secrets, and also hurt them physically. With this psichopath on the loose, all of the lies and the secrets, there’s no one to trust in anymore.
So why don’t you stop by while I am around? We need ten more taken characters before we can do our first even and we’ve got tons of open characters!
If you don’t like any bios we can always write an oc, and if you want to you can request for a faceclaim change! All you have to do is ask.


also it is ?? kind of very uncool to steal my icons?
i work a lot to get them so nice and i crop them and make psds and use tons of layers and effects to get them to look like they do, so, yeah— i know when the icons are mine. 

I’ve talked to a few people/one of the instructors at my local Joann’s about perhaps doing an “Intro to Quilling” type class but I’m not sure what design/s would really interest people to want to come and learn what it’s all about! I have a set or two of the tools themselves, just bought a pair of scissors to cut fringe to do the larger flowers, I have a ton of paper strips and a circle sizer and domer. I also have a pretty decent supply of cardstock paper that people can choose from if they want to glue quilled designs to for 2D pieces, but have at least made a few 3D quilled flowers in flower pots. My 2 questions though are:1) What designs would be exciting enough to encourage students to sign up and 2) Tools - how many extra sets should I buy, should I ask attendees to buy their own tools, or maybe plan on buying tools, but not until I have sign-ups so I know how many I’d need and could maybe even offer the option for them to buy the tools from me themselves after??I think maybe a 3-hour class could work if I walked the students through making basic shapes, and make a couple of 2D pieces, and then maybe something 3D?Opinions? Thoughts? Has anyone attended a class vs teaching themselves from online resources? via /r/quilling

Little Updates
  • There’s a Topics & Tags page now.
  • I queued a TON of visitor photos. Over 100. Enjoy looking at cool animals. (Also please tell me what animals you like and want to see more photos of!)
  • I made little tweaks to the Interesting Animals section because I can never be satisfied with it. Specifically: foxes are now separated into species, leopards are now separated into species, seals are now separated into species, tree kangaroos are now distinguished from jumpy-jumpy kangaroos, and pygmy hippos are now distinguished from big scary hippos.
  • I have sent out mod applications to the six people who previously requested to be mods. I have received three back already. I will wait until next Thursday for the rest.