Our Last Days

Harry/Louis (major character death)


(edit by the lovely Char, stocklinson)

“Well, what do you think you would do in your final days?” Louis questions. Harry looks up, his green eyes glimmering. 

"I guess I’ve never thought about it,” he says as his eyebrows quirk up in thought.

“So think about it now. What are the things that you’ve always wanted to do, always wanted to see, but never did?”

fic where clint and phil are same as ever when apart but on the rare times they’re together they’re sickeningly yet obliviously sweet with each other. hardly anyone gets to see this because they don’t spend much time together at work, but it’s legendary and something juniors always have a hard time believing til they see it.

sickening things include:

  • flowers bought/worn in lapels
  • bringing each other bagged lunches
  • long ‘afternoon meetings’ in phil’s office (door closed)
  • phil’s legendary care packages 
  • phil being a total pushover for any junior agent who is into archery
  • shoulders/fingertips/knuckles brushing against each other as they part ways in the corridors
  • eyefucking and blushing and general googlyness during meetings/briefings
  • phil always having clint’s favourite candy on him even though he doesn’t even eat candy
  • phil wearing ties that have purple in them when clint’s on base
  • clint never wearing his sleeved uniform (yet always wearing his thigh holster/strap things) whenever they’re on the same base 
  • the fact that they think they are being subtle
Coming Home Part 2


(warning for torture and like blood and violence and such hahah i’m terrible) ((also warning for typos because i’m lazy hahah sorry i suck)


Cas refused to call Sam for a ride. He would walk home- no, not home anymore. If it ever was home. Cas laughed bitterly to himself. How had he been so stupid? This was so typical of him, trusting people and ruining everything, yet again. The only difference between this time and last was the fact that the only person who got hurt was himself.

The street was empty, the night crisp. Cas hated the night for being so perfect when he was anything but. The stars were shining brightly, mocking him. He was stuck on this sidewalk with these feelings he couldn’t ignore. He trudged along, staring at his feet. He hated his feet for being stuck on the ground. He hated that he couldn’t fly, that all he could do was walk. It was so inconvenient, so inefficient, so… human. He sighed, the situation seemed so familiar to those first three months of humanity. He felt the hollowness and the uselessness more now than he had in months. Cas didn’t think he would ever have to feel this way again, he thought Dean would take those feelings away forever. He had trusted Dean to fill his empty spaces with love, to ease the aching loneliness left by his fall, his separation from his family. But all Dean had done was used him. Castiel truly had no one.

Castiel stepped on something while he was lost in thought. He peered down and saw a set of keys. Keys that looked very familiar. He stooped and picked them up. This was Dean’s keyring. There was the key to the Impala and the key to the bunker with the Men of Letters insignia engraved in it. Cas looked up the street, searching for the Impala. Sure enough, there it was.

Cas rushed to the Impala. He peered inside, looking for some kind of answer. All he could see was a bouquet of, what were those, daffodils? Dean had bought him daffodils. His heart clenched, so Dean hadn’t abandoned him after all, this date wasn’t a set up. But, where was Dean? He looked down at the sidewalk, there were a couple of small, dark splotches next to the passenger side door of the Impala. The relief Cas had felt drained from him. Tendrils of worry wrapped around his heart. He reached in his pocket for his phone to call Sam, but it was nowhere to be found. He searched the other pocket and the pockets of his pants. He’d left his phone back at the restaurant. “You have got to be kidding me, for fuck’s sake,” Cas muttered, using one of the many phrases he had adopted from Dean. Cas broke into a run.

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I really enjoyed writing this prompt, thank you !! ♥

Chocolate M&M’s are Castiel’s favorite type of candy. Dean knows this because every time he has him over to play they talk about them. On one day he’d said that he was going to build a castle only out of m&m’s, and another that he once traded all the Halloween candy he’d received for any bags of them with his siblings.  It’s the way he tells these stories and the happiness it brings him that makes him ask his mom for a bag of them on a Friday after school because he’s going over to play with Cas on Saturday.

The chocolate is on the counter that night, and Dean squirms through most of the morning the next day because he’s so strangely nervous to meet Cas at two. He can tell his mom is trying her best to distract him when she catches him pacing in the hallway while she’s on the way to the laundry room and stops for a tickle fight until he shouts out in surrender, giggling and tugging his shirt down with a grin on his face so massive he almost forgets what it was he was so worried about in the first place.

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i never really considered this until today

but aph spain basically had to raise Romano on his own

that means yeah he had to deal with him peeing in the house as a kid but he also had to deal with him going through puberty and overdramatic rebellious teenager shit too

Tonio, how have you not gone grey???

tiny insignificant announcement;

             i’m feeling the alternate universes at the
             moment so i am probably going to bring
             cursed!hook  to life.  still deciding  what
             he’d be doing there but yeaah.  feel free
             to voice your ideas?