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It's vital that you write any of the stubborn aus you reblogged.

From this list of AUs. Also posted on AO3. Fair warning there’s a lot of cussing in here. Mostly fuck and ass, but there’s no sexy times. Sorry!

It all starts when Derek walks into Mr. Harris’ classroom. He’s looking super fucking cute today, which not fair. No one should be allowed to be that cute and that incredibly hot all at the same time. And Stiles is definitely not the only one who has noticed. Jennifer Blake has totally noticed if her predatory look is anything to go by.

Luckily for Stiles he sits in front of him, and as far from Jennifer as possible. He has plans to tell Derek that’s look exceptionally cute today in that soft looking maroon sweater with thumbholes. Fucking thumbholes. It’s the absolute cutest thing Stiles has ever seen.

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snek fic

valentyn-the-mad wanted someone to write a fic based on those apartment AUs where Bull wakes up to Dorian’s pet snake being cute in his apartment and that’s how they meet, so. I wrote this as motivation.


“Snek?? what you’re doing in my aprmt??”

“snek snek snek”

“ok your so cute stay with me” bull posts fLYERS in the LOBBY

“that my snek” says dorian

“you are super hot here is your snek buy me drinks”

“i have emotions”

“i’ll comfort u with my ten coke cans”


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out of curiousity, how did u end up shipping rinmaki?? :O (for me it was them arguing over hanayo n then the first forehead chop and it was all downhill from then on rip me)

ACTUALLY i can’t even remember that well lol. i started watching Love Live with my friends kind of as a joke and we were mostly distracted and cracking dumb waifu jokes, so the makirinpana episode initially didn’t stick out to me, though i quietly thought to myself that that scene when Rin was rubbing her face against Maki’s was super cute.

later, after i decided that Rin was my favorite of the bunch, i expressed some curious interest in rinmaki and an online friend showed me Jacket’s rinmaki art and before i knew it i’d fallen into the pit. the lack of fanart/fics for rinmaki is suffering but that just makes me appreciate each fan and fanwork even more! it looks like it’s very slowly growing in popularity too so that also makes me happy to see. 

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This is probably absurd, but I keep seeing Merman! Taemin on dash so what if one day you just walked into your bathroom and see merman taemin in your bathtub? :3

oh my god. i would thank every god that may or may not exist for leaving such an ethereal being in my prescence. also i’d wonder how the fuck he got there seeing as i live on the second floor and nowhere near a body of water 0.0 hahaha but tbh i’d probably just take care of him and like teach him how to be human and stuff and like omg that’d be a super cute fic like jongtae or taekey and that happens and then taem’s the kind of merperson that has a tail that transforms to legs when dry and then jjong/key would teach him how to be human and he’d be all awkward and precious and oh my go dhow cute would tha t be af;lsdkjfl;ak 

You bet!!!! Lots of Rumbelle, actually, because you’ve been giving me so many feels as you’re watching the show. XD There are a lot of Rumbelle fics I started writing but never actually finished, so now I’m going back and thinking, “Hey, that was a good idea!”

I guess I might as well tell you now: the series I want to start is basically writing Rumbelle stories that could have happened after major Rumbelle moments in the show. (The hamburger date fic, for example, will be one that I’ll include in the series.) I started realizing that there are so many gaps in the show with Rumbelle that could make for super cute moments. So…yeah. Plenty of Rumbelle coming your way. :)

EDIT: Also…there’s this fic I haven’t started writing yet but I’ve had the idea for it a while. A Doctor Who and OUAT crossover. Sounds strange, but just hear me out. Just imagine one thing. The 12th Doctor and Rumple meeting each other. That is all.

Rating: teen
Word Count: 20,553

Summary: “I really, really want to make a joke about bats and blindness. Will you punch me if I make a joke about bats and blindness?” Matt shakes his head, grinning. “Okay, so we’re Superspud and Blind-As-A-Batman.”

In which Foggy uses his law degree to peddle coffee to unsuspecting caffeine junkies, and Matt is his favorite customer. Who may or may not be Batman.

Comment: I literally filtered the Daredevil fics on AO3 according to length because I wanted something I could get my teeth into and stumbled across this. A freaking barista!AU, yes please and thank you. No fandom is complete without one hundred amirite?? For real, this fic is super super lovely. There were points where I was actually doing that thing that people talk about doing, where something is so damn cute that you have to sorta scrunch yourself up a little in order to contain the awwwwws. Also, there was some unexpected but completely welcome whump near to the end, so kudos for that! Kudos for all of it!

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When you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes <3

Mia, you are an absolute star <3

thatweirdparamedicstudent Lina is possibly the nicest person ever, and her blog is made up of absolutely fantastic posts about The 100 and literally anything else that you could want to see posts about- 10/10 would recommend following!

ichabodjane is an absolute sweetheart, and also a really great writer! everybody should read this bellarke fic she wrote, because it’s absolutely fantastic and possibly one of my favourite au’s!

bellarkemorelikebaellarke was one of my first followers on this ridiculous blog, and she is SUPER friendly and supportive and made me feel welcome in this fandom, AND her url contains a glorious pun- what more could you want in a person?

chaoticbellamy is another really great writer- like, i just went to check out her blog, got distracted, and spent half an hour reading her fics- they’re all super cute and everybody should go check them out! 

klokkombikru is an absolute delight, and literally everybody should follow her- her blog is like an endless stream of Bellarke-y posts that will make you smile (and also probably cry), and she’s an angel!

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"okay, just a heads up, Kim is super hot so try not to literally fall down. but honestly, her gifs are amazing?? like they're so HQ sometimes it's scary, and her graphics are actually a huge inspiration for me omg.. not to mention i go on her blog like, every day just to read her tags bc i cry at the things she says. she has a lot of resources, too, so if you ever need something, just go to her blog. her fic rec also saved my life so check that out as well." me describing you to a new follower

/SCREAMS THIS IS SO CUTE AND SWEET OF YOU OH MAN jsjfkwkdnkwkskd /sobs ;; thank you for this!!

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"10/10, would stalk again." And my selfies are /tagged/selfie. :)

Clare!!! Thank you you perfect beautiful precious person ♥ ily!

Blog: Okay, so I literally love everything about your blog. Your theme is gorgeous, your icons/updates tabs all match gorgeously, and YOUR EDITS/ART/FICS ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously?! I just queued some tattooed!Winchesters and your fics are incredible! (I think it takes a lot of talent to write x reader fics tbh). Also, I love that your blog is immaculately organized. And I could keep going. Should I keep going?!

Selfie: DUDE YOU ARE SO PRETTY OMG, Your eyes are such a pretty shade ♥ Your smile is adorable, and you can ROCK some red lipstick and winged eyeliner. Your hair is super cute too :) What’s your tattoo on your arm/wrist say, if you don’t mind me asking? AND THAT BATMAN DANCE UGH I’M SO JEALOUS!!!!!!

Free pie :D

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TECHNICALLY, Paige played a lesbian in The Stepfather. With Sherry Stringfield. But they didn’t kiss, and it made me sad. (I’m actually using one of their bits of dialogue in the AU fic, so yay!)

I know, it KILLS ME. they were super cute, though, anyway. (IS IT THE BIKINI LINE CAUSE THATS GREAT) she also plays a lesbian in nypd blue, and guess how much lady kissing there is in that?!??! fucking none so far (and i’m running out of eps…)

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thank u

i live to serve

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!! Y’all seriously made my day better with one simple message, and I love each and every one of you.

Special thank you to eisschirmchen who made this beautiful piece of art, mrsashketchum who did some super cute designs from ch 1 of Butler AU along with a banner that is now being used here, and sojustifiable for the beautiful fic she wrote me. Also, thank you to dragons4ever for even wanting to write something for me. I’m excited to see what you do. Y’all seriously made my day even more special!! Thank you so much for doing anything for me. I am forever grateful for the lovely gifts y’all worked hard on!! Thank you so much.

And one last thank you to everyone in general for all the birthday wishes. I really do appreciate each and every one of them :)

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psst seeing as you are the queen of the White Rose, do you know any good super fluffly white rose fics? c:

 Queen is ok. King is ok too. I haven’t found a NB term for this I like.


I’m currently writing a fic that will be a big poly mess. So, watch out for that.

The Rose and snowstorm  is good fic. 
Wolf Fanus!Ruby.
It’s a slow build up,also, I think Weiss and Ruby make out at one point.
It’s also really angsty at times, but it ends up ok.

How will you find me? is cute.
Right now it it’s kinda angsty right now, also implied smut, but none written.
also, Soulmate AU!

Atypical is going to slowly kill me with the amount of fluff. There’s also some angst. 

Connected is a fic that is mostly fluff. Chapter 5 is smut.
It’s a sequel to a fic on, that if I remember correctly is smut.

Here’s my bookmark page on Ao3.
I have some smut, some fluff, angst.Some have all three I just listed. Also, other fandoms.(Gravity falls,SNK, APH)

I tend to bookmark at of fics,so I would check every few days.


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22 years old, six foot tall and kinda on the heavy side, glasses, a mustache and goatee beard, brown hair, brown eyes. I play video games and guitar I spend most of my time listening to music and watching videos on youtube. My interests are mainly studying guns to find out what they are (Recently studied Nathan Prescott's gun to see if Chloe would have died from her gunshot wound or not). I'm pretty quiet and keep to myself, I write a lot and am planning an LiS fic.

Ohhhh! good luck with the LIS fic!  You sound super cute but I’m also not into men, but you shound awesome! I can’t wait to read your lis fic : )

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Um hi hello. Big fan, but super shy reader. But I wanted to know if we can expect an update for punch drunk love any time soon maybe. I saw that you guys are working on it (MUCH YAY) but i wanted to know if there was a time frame or wut? (also you guys are super cute and amazeballs writers and i wanna hug you both for writing such a great fic)

Hello there super shy reader!
(Don’t be shy. We’re big nerds and write about boys gettin’ down with other boys so. You’re good.)
I’m not going to try to throw out a date for when we think we’ll update because every time I /try/ to do that, it never works out.
We ARE writing, it should be sooner rather than later.
Our inbox is always open. Always. Cheers!! Stripes

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hey, hi i just started reading your midsummers night dream fic and i thought it was finished so i wouldn't have all the feelings lasting longer and being more painful but shit man its not finished but holyducks its good so please continue it mannnn i'm so excited for this fic but dude that was such a dick move by dan i mean, who just leaves and then DOESN"T ANSWER THE FREAKING MESSAGES AND THEN ASKS SOMEONE ELSE OUT like WOW NO NOT COOL but its great and i love it and also you're super cute byee

oh my gosh this message is wonderful and i’m so sorry it’s a WIP and it gave you feels you weren’t prepared for. yeah dan has been being pretty dick-like these past couple of chapters i’ll give you that. but things are about to get reaaaaaal interesting. i’m glad you’re excited to keep reading!! thank you!

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Now you made me think whatever demand Cold wrote…

First your Westhallen post, then Barry loving everyone & now Iris & Eddie being super poly? You’re only having fantastic ideas today. They’d probably watch Barry & gush over him together. ‘I love you but…’ ‘I know, I love you too but he’s so cute.’

Omg only the Westhallen post is actually a new idea, but thanks doll hehe. Like the Barry one is a conversation me and Brielle had aggesss ago that I’d actually forgotten about until I saw the gifset again.

AND POLY EDDIE AND IRIS IS MY LEGIT HEADCANON OKAY. Like they’re both hella into each other but also obvi hella into Barry. I have fic on my writing list about them bonding over both being poly af during one of their first coffee dates and like that’s why they made that “people I can cheat with” list (which really is actually their “who can we convince to have a threesome with” list). Poly Eddie and Iris is canon like no one can convince me otherwise

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Haha, ummmm the top was originally from SimplyBe, I bought it about a year ago. Also thank you <3 <3 

robokittens replied to your photoset “Got dressed cute today because I’ve been feeling so #meh. Have some…”

a) you look super cute b) flamingos!!! c) i LOVE your glasses omg

Thanks!! I <3 Flamingos (as is evidenced by the fact that I wrote like entire fic about fucking flamingos [NOT FLAMINGOS FUCKING THOUGH] lol) and also my glasses are basically the source of my power thank youuu.

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helloo i was wondering if you might know some cute h/l fics (i know you do) but like without the sex but still pretty long because usually its either 100k but with the sexy thing or cute and fluffy but super short but i want long and sexless. well maybe not that long but still long and idk thought you might knew. im also asking you because its nice being in your ask box just looking at louis looking pretty as hell on the left.

this is so nice tbh, thank u, but i’m about to be extremely disappointing :~( i hardly read fic minus the sex, if i’m honest… not really deliberately, but just those are the fics i happen to come across most often (GOD the pun here is SO AWFUL pls just ignore this)… i mean, there’s always kidfic where the boys feature as lil babs but i feel like you’re asking for all-grown-up h/l long fluff minus smut… i’m gonna open this up to my followers, if that’s okay!! and now you’ve asked, i’m sort of interested in any recs too, so yes. if anyone has any recs that match this pls let us both know!!

ps: yes, he is a grumpy baby and so pretty while he’s all sleepysoft. it is a treasure and i’m so pleased u appreciate this as much as i do. (◡‿◡✿)