"The next morning comes with the kind of sunshine that peaks out from between black clouds, so determined to reach the earth that it seems all the brighter for its struggle."

                                                 - Sleeping Dogs by uenaina

The Hobbit

Probably a bit overdue but I’m about to fly Air New Zealand to the UK and they’ve fully pimped out all the airline with Hobbit gear and thought better jump on the train too!…or more like the plane.


Dean/Cas BigBang 2014

Title: The Gatlinburg Murders
Author: Caswouldratherbehere, on Ao3 Ratherbehere
Fandom/Genre: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: PG (art), NC-17 (story)
Art by me, can also be found on LJ.

Summary: Someone, or something, is killing people in the peaceful tourist destination of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Sam and Dean go in expecting a simple salt and burn, but things get tricky when it looks like Cas, a blue eyed local painter with a mysterious past, may be wrapped up in it somehow. Are Dean’s growing feelings for the painter getting in the way, or are they trying to tell him something?

Soundrack: on it’s own post here ! Please listen to it while reading ^^

I got the pleasure to work with Kelly this year, love her story (I’m already waiting for a sequel like waah), characterisation is awesome (I’m so turned on by this Castiel especially it’s embarrassing lol), love the details and pacing… I’m not kidding I need more of this AU okay, the differences with the show (I’m not gonna spoil) make this universe fascinating for all the possibilities !
Kinda proud how most of my drawings/paintings things turned out (heeeh the header gave me a lot of troubles…), though I feel sorry I couldn’t finish a third pic I had planned on doing but had a hard time with the composition and well maybe I’ll finish it some day, but all in all I hope I could do at least a bit justice to the mood of the fic, you’ll tell me ^^



"No air", a Fitzward sad story

Lyrics from “No air”, by Jordin Sparks


Horse WIP I just started today and weird lady sketch from over six months ago. Also featuring bird socks because my room is dark and I had to juggle so there wasn’t some gross shadow. I haven’t traditional’d in forever, I’m a tad rusty. :D

(You have to click on the first picture to see it fully.)

(I use brackets when they’re not necessary.)

tabikato asked:

Oh man, I've been watching you and your art since those old days on Deviantart, remember those? You've improved so much and I always enjoy seeing what you come up with. Also you have one of the best sense of humours and you're just incredibly rad.

Thank you! Man, that seems like forever ago haha ;;

internationalsmile21 asked:

15, 55

15. personality description

gosh this is so hard! i would say that i am your typical sarcastic crazy person who finds weird things funny and loves being around people and i guess you could say that i’m kinda smart too and when i love something i never shut up about it much to the dismay of the people around me. i also have a very ironic sense of humour and i love knitting and crochet so i am basically an 80 year old and a 5 year old at once :’) (INTJ for actual personal profile thingy)

55. tumblr friends

I don’t really have many tumblr friends as such that I talk to on a very regular basis because I am very busy at times and I really suck at replying and am just a sucky bum in general (not intentional and i would if I could) but I do have people that are my friends in real life or mutuals that I adore so so so much and we mutual like crazy (but don’t talk to for the above reason but speak to every so often) so friedarmisen x-rayyandvavv verybaeswift itssweeterthanfiction 

thank you! ^_^ 

anonymous asked:


rowan is one of the most reasonable ppl i have ever met, i really like them and agree w them on a lot of things. they also have a great sense of humour

melanie-is-me asked:

On the off chance you're still accepting match up requests, may I leave this here? I'm a 5’2” lady; shy at first, perverted and sarcastic when you know me. Overly apologetic (like a true Canadian), automatically turn into the group mom, and have the self-confidence of a stick, an unconfident stick. Also I have a terrible sense of humour, obviously, and live for puns. A non-bible thumping Catholic that likes to try and help everyone and ignore my own problems. Feel free to ignore this if I'm late

I ship you with Balthazar! He would think it’s adorable whenever you got overly-apologetic, always reassuring you that everything was alright. He would remind you that you’re beautiful whenever he saw you, lifting your spirits with that genuine smile of his. Both of you are incredibly perverted and sarcastic, and would definitely see who could come up with the worst joke or have a competition of sarcasm!

anonymous asked:

IDK IF YOU'RE STILL DOING THESE BUT HERE'S A SHOT I'm around 5"7, brown eyes, dark brown hair. My goal is to make people around me laugh and happy in general. I get along well with most people but I get really quiet around people i dislike. I've been told that I also have a good sense of humour and that I'm nice (a little too nice). If you don't mind, Supernatural and Marvel are my fandoms :D

Yeah, I totally still am doing these!

Supernatural: Castiel and Charlie Bradbury

Marvel: Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff

Describe yourself and I’ll ship you!

melanie-is-me asked:

On the off chance you're still accepting match up requests, may I leave this here? I'm a 5’2” lady; shy at first, perverted and sarcastic when you know me. Overly apologetic (like a true Canadian), automatically turn into the group mom, and have the self-confidence of a stick, an unconfident stick. Also I have a terrible sense of humour, obviously, and live for puns. A non-bible thumping Catholic that likes to try and help everyone and ignore my own problems. Thanks so much in advance~

I ship you with Dean!! :)

Similar to yourself, Dean Winchester often finds himself turning into the ‘mom’ of the group (especially when Cas or Crowley are involved). Dean is the first to laugh at any of your jokes, no matter how punny they may be. Wanting to help you with your shyness, Dean takes you to volunteer at some of the local town functions. He builds your confidence in ways that you never thought possible, reminding you on a daily basis that you are the most beautiful woman he has ever been lucky enough to come in contact with. He is quick to teach you that your problems matter as well; though he adores how kind and caring you are towards others. 

phampants asked:

DO THE THING: Once you get this you have to say 5 things you like about yourself publicly, then send it to ten of your favourite followers (positivism rocks)!

So phampants and sweeneysays both challenged me to do this.

1) Most days I actually like my hair even though it’s curly and sometimes because it is curly. I’m a woman, I can change my opinions in a hot second without an explanation.

2) I’m honest, sometimes way more honest than is good for me.

3) I’m fluent in sarcasm and irony and also have a great sense of humour.

4) I hardly drink because yay addictive parents!

5) I’m still a kid at heart even though I can also take care of myself like a real grown up. Still I’m not too far removed to do childish things and build Lego stuff. 

There you go, I hope this is sufficient.

sadpeterparker asked:

I:What's the most important part of a relationship?

For me, it’s compatibility. I think our interests should be similar, so that we can gush about the things we’re passionate about together and rant about things we hate. We should also have a similar sense of humour, so that when I sarcastically throw insults around, no one is offended.

Once you realise that you’re compatible, all the other things fall into place.

Valentines Asks

anonymous asked:

platonic crush on you because i've always thought you were really cool from being a mod that dangancrack blog and still think you're mega rad. also because think you have a great sense of humour and your blog is rather aesthetically pleasing.

THIS IS THe best ask ivE ever GOTTEN!!!!!!! THANK U SM… GDO

anonymous asked:

hey uh i'm about 5'5, 17, short blonde hair, and blue eyes. I love horror movies and hockey but i also love animals and reading fiction (like pjo). tbh my preferred date would be playing with animals at a pet shelter and then going back to one of our houses and cuddling. also i have a horrible sense of humour and will laugh at anything. p.s. i will give piggyback rides and hugs and kisses whenever you want

i’m cryiIngG this is tooo cute i wanna smush your face ofc its a yess to the date and how about i give you the piggy back ride B)) (bc im fat af & don’t wanna hurt u)  literally i wanna do this date so bad you sound so cute & fuN

(describe yourself on anon for date or friend)

whatdoyewant asked:

1, 2, 4 !

1. I got into Achievement Hunter/Rooster Teeth through Red Vs. Blue! I found an episode from season 2 (right after that season started) while looking up a Halo video.

2. I think I’m most like Michael. He’s really neat and funny but he has the vocabulary of a well educated sailor. I tend to think of him when cursing up a storm. I also feel like I have the same sense of humour!

3. Michael is my absolute favorite. He’s a great guy and laughs a lot, but he knows when to stand his ground and I really admire that. He’s usually the one that gets me laughing first in the videos he’s in!

anonymous asked:


Post a selfie:

Will do when I don’t look like a troll

Description of personality:

I am excruciatingly shy in front of people I’ve just met which pisses me off because I love meeting new people, but if you stick it out with me I get really quite talkative and will open up heaps more. I have a very dry/sarcastic sense of humour which can also be annoying when meeting new people because my jokes are so obscure and sometimes subtle that people may not get them. I also have quite a broad sense of humour so pretty much any joke someone says I’ll laugh. I’m a really good listener which also comes across as me being shy as I genuinely enjoy listening to what others have to say and I have very little of interest to say. I try to be as kind and open-minded as I can in any situation because I’d hate for anyone to judge me. I do really enjoy my own space but love spending time with people doing things. Pretty much any aspect of my personality, I am also the opposite… just never in between. It;s so weird.

grahamcheryl asked:

Hello I am Ebba and I am incredibly cute and a great friend with a superb taste in music Suede, bowties and tea are v important also I have a great sense of humour bye

Aaaw ty you’re a great friend too buttercup

braginsky-sama asked:

Hey pretty thang ♡♡♡


2. Truth is: All of the above are still tru. also you have a rad sense of humour!

3. How old do you look: You could probably pass for everything between 16-20

4. Have you ever made me laugh: Yup!

5. Have you ever made me mad: Nope! (but damn frustrated like talk to m e)

6. Best feature: Your noseeeeee. or your hair. or your everything.

7. Have I ever had a crush on you: Nah, but you’re hella cute!

8. You’re my: Friend? ovo

9. Name in my phone: don’t have your number

10. Should you post this too? If you want tooooo

mutuals this is actually really fun go

Hi, I am Victoria. I am a hot, attractive 23 years old Beijing girl with expressive eyes and great smile. I have all over body smooth skin, and a curvy size 6 model figure.

I am friendly, considerate, with my sweet nature and charm. I am a very good listener, also have my own sense of humour. I provide designed services to satisfy your needs as a man, I promise to bring you passionate feeling and tender company. We can go out for dinner, maybe cinemas or concerts, we can have much more fun and make a memorable time together.

And what makes me more special is, I am also very good at massage. I can give you my special sensual Victoria’s touch, which is definitely an unforgettable experience and great relaxation for you.

I know there are many independent girls working in Beijing, and it is hard to find someone who is really perfect for you, but I can confidently tell you that you will not be disappointed. Let us meet each other and make all your fantasies and desires come true.

You can give me a call so I can visit you at you house or hotel.
Please give me a call or text me on: (+86) 158 1139 9475.

I also have a gorgeous friends Miya . Why not double your excitement and let two of us entertain you today? Please check out their web site.