So I did end up going out last night with friends and I actually had an amazing time!?

I got drunk for the first time in ages (but like, a GOOD drunk (I remember everything, no hangover, I never felt sick, just an all around good experience!) and we also went to a hookah lounge and got pizza from a vending machine lmao. So yeah, A+ and super glad I went and socialized for once in my life!!!

These pictures were both taken before the festivities began, back when I was still cute and presentable and not an obnoxious mess 👌🏼

Caitlyn Jenner’s reveal has done a good job uncovering which people I follow are transphobic as fuck and it’s been a great way to get the trash off my dash
I also have another amazing woman to add to my queen tag 😍😍😍
Honestly I’m so happy for her


A mock-up of a new idea I have, which would end up being magnetic paper dolls. Get your base, have different options for clothes, piece it together, use it to hold stuff to your fridge, filing cabinet, white board, etc.

Printed on cardstock for proof of concept. Pieces above are not the final versions. I used 12 as my test subject because that’s how I roll, but I do plan on putting out other Doctors (and I must at least make a Clara). Ideally I’d like to keep the characters at roughly the same dimensions SO THEY CAN TRADE OUTFITS

Keep on eye on this blog or my Etsy shop for when this, and others, will be available!

My exams are over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so tired im gonna pass out eventually

finally got my new tablet and I’m narcissistic enough to try it out by drawing myself

For barryallcn​ ;) inspired by Thallen Week Day 6: Escort AU

Essentially, Eddie gets stood up for a(nother) date. He bumps into this tall dark handsome cute stranger who asks him if he needs cheering up. Oblivious Eddie just thinks Barry is being nice and is actually into him, so he’s shocked to hear “so that’ll be $600″ after really great sex. 

like this for a short sentence starter? ❞

yoongiking asked:

Tag, you're it! Pick 7 of your favorite followers/blogs and ship them each with a member of BTS, along with an explanation. Then send this to any 7 blogs of your choice on anon. Happy shipping! ✿

i kept saying that imma get to this ask but i never did so D: but better late than never r i g h t 

[i’ll be using they/them pronouns to some of you since i don’t know what pronouns you guys prefer :)]

princesseok - Seokjin - this user is rly kind and sweet and cute and i cannot help but imagine a date between them and Seokjin like ??? it’d be all cute-ish with a lotta flowers and perfume and good vibes ykno. rly sweet <3 <3

yoongiking - Yoongi - okay so i don’t think i have a proper explanation for this ??? you just kinda fit with Yoongi a lot because i think he’d appreciate your art skills and who knows, maybe you’d have those type of get-things-off-your-heart talks cause he’s rly caring so <3 idk man but i feel this im feelin it asdfgh

taeguk - Hobi - both of you are so loud and excited in most of the time i. swear. to. god. lmfao

jomjjeoreo - Namjoon - writer/poet sorta kinda couple have i ever stuttered on this lmfao

forjimin - Jimin - they seem really soft and idk, just like Jimin would like someone to be. :DD they’d have this type of dates where they go drink coffee or tea then eat popcorn in a romantic movie cinema yafeel hahahhah

hugtae - Tae - there are quite a lot of similar interests between them so :) anime here anime there so they’d probs go on sunny Sundays and do cosplay and stuff like that ykno. it’d be rly cute and floofy af and sweet-ish <3 <3 <3

vkook - Jungkook - i think they’d know how to deal with him cause to be honest Jungkook is p difficult to understand sometimes D: they’d listen to his silence then listen to his words and try to help as much as they can. and if they can’t, they’d fix it by gestures and i just asdfghjkl i ship this from the sky to the ground and below to lava <33 lmao

there are five kinds of rock stars
• the ones you appreciate talent wise but would spit on their face without hesitation
• the ones that make you question your morals
• the ones that arent particularily good looking but youd protect them and their precious puppy face in HECK
• the REALLY good looking ones that you cant even imagine banging theyre too sweet too pure theyre too innocent theyre your child you cant bang your child

what is the guess that in a modern au lucy would be the one losing/forgetting her phone 24/7, lockwood would be on his waaay too much (taking selfies no doubt and attempting to promote l&c on social media), and george would have some wacky, way-too-big-for his pocket samsung bc it has a “much better screen” or something.