Sometimes I really want to shave my face and dress up in one of my more feminine outfits, but I feel like cross-dressing would somehow completely invalidate my trans-ness.

It’s kind of stupid of me to be insecure like that I guess, but I just don’t want to be judged. I mean, when cis-men cross-dress, it’s seen as entertaining or whatever, but I’m afraid doing it as a trans man I’d be met with, “Oh, then you’re not really trans.”

Idk. Just whining I guess. I also need to figure out what to do with the wedding dress hanging in my closet.


I couldn’t really decide on whether or not Teddiursa’s colors would be dominant or not so I just kinda… switched between them. 

I’m thinking this is the combination you’d get if you bred Ursaring and the final form of the father Pokemon

Hopefully no one’s done Teddiursa yet

Anywas, enjoy :D

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Why the fuck would you shave your head? Ugly homo bitch.

Is this really how low you’ve stopped? You’re anonymously giving me hate on Tumblr? Really?

Well, just in case you’re not being a dumb little troll, I’ll humor you.

I shaved my head for the purpose of supporting a close family friend, who has been fighting ovarian cancer for months now and also needs to have her breasts removed to make sure that she doesn’t also fall victim to breast cancer. She lost her hair during chemotherapy, so I decided to shave mine off.

Secondly, I look fucking fabulous, hair or no hair, and if you don’t think so, that’s your loss. I feel sorry for you if you really think that what a person decides to do with their hair determines their beauty. (I also feel bad for you for missing out on the marvel that is me, but that’s beside the point. Irrelevant.)

Third, if you still think that calling people gay is a great insult, I feel sorry for your lack of intelligence as well.

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hold on, i saw the goatee pic, and i was wondering do trolls grow body hair? do they have to shave and stuff, or? i cant see anything w/o making it about worldbuilding, so now you have a question about trolls and bodyhair

Trolls do grow facial hair, specifically. And Tavros isn’t the first character to show it, actually. A couple of the OCs in Distrait showed it too. 0w0

All hail Admin Munire’s mustache of win.

It depends on the troll, really. Some of them are likely to grow facial hair and need to shave and such if so they want and some never grow any facial hair at all. The funny thing is, facial hair is not a gender thing. So yes, there are badass ladies out there rocking pretty kickass beards, no biggie. Harper, for example, could grow herself a Beard of Awesome, but she doesn’t because Saanvi bitches about it.


EDIT: Also, I am A-OK with making EVERYTHING worldbuilding. WORLDBUILDING FOR THE WIN!

A bunch of vodka later...

maybe it’s cause I’m drunk but I just want to mention how much I really love Mad Max Fury Road. It is the best movie/franchisereboot in so long and fills me with such feels I can’t even articulate it and all the fanart and things make my heart soar and I love it and it powers me and the Armenians across the street gave me so much vodka and I just kept explaining how they need to go see this movie and how Pacific Rim was like the Candy to Mad Max’s Steak Dinner and somehow they understood also i’m going to shave my head in a week or two it’ll be great that’s it pmuch I needed a movie like this in my life nothing touched me so deeply as this explosionfest this was exactly what I needed right now and I could cry. When are we going to go see it again i’m ready right now lets do it

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I was wondering if any one has done laser hair removel and be able to tell me more about it? Because I really want to do it over my summer break but I heard horror stories and I'm a little scared. So any inside help would be great!

laser hair removal is most effective on fair skinned individuals with dark and coarse hair. 
It essentially feels like little rubber bands popping on your skin. So not too painful. For the first session you cannot shave before hand. there has to be visible growth so they know where the concentrated light needs to be placed. 
It will also not hold if you have PCOS and are not being medicated for the Hirsutism side effect. So keep that in mind. 
Meet with a specialist! They will let you know if you are a good candidate for the procedure! and keep you informed on what to expect. 
I’ve had the procedure done twice! and i promise there is nothing to be afraid of. 

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Hello! I'm really lazy and lately i haven't been working out at all! I've also been eating more (the healthy stuff obvi). I gained 5 pounds! I feel so bad😣 any tips for motivation?

Eat more carbs and get moving!

Even just a little bit, wake up and go for a walk first thing or find a fun yoga tutorial on youtube, just something to get you up and going for the day!

If you are like me, when i start to feel shitty, a good sweaty run is exactly what i need. Then come home and take a long shower, shave my legs, paint my nails, make a smoothie, start feeling good about my body :)

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Mm nother interesting fact: I haven't cut my hair since the fourth grade. Even when my mother tried to guilt trip me into shaving it all off to support my brother.

not-so-interesting fact about me: I need a haircut.

I’m terrible about maintaining my short hairstyle because going to the salon makes me nervous, I can’t drive and no longer have a bus pass, and I really want to dye my hair but I’m afraid of getting a horrible rash like the time I dyed it blue.

also here’s a picture of how long my hair used to be:

I was a regular Rapunzel, yes? No.


okay so this article was posted by someone I’m friends with on Facebook with the caption “ew” and her boyfriend tagged in it. that to start is absolutely disgusting. you can’t comment on someone’s personal choices like that and decide that it’s horrible, it’s Yasmin’s (the girl who the article is written about) choice and she doesn’t need your narrow minded opinion on it. also if you wanted to show your boyfriend then text him I don’t need to see your stupidity all over my Facebook. so that was one thing and then at the bottom of the article was a vote on whether you support Yasmin’s decision or not, obviously I chose yes but 54% chose no. they said its disgusting. how much must you hate yourself to say that one persons choice not to shave their fucking body hair (which you can’t control) is disgusting?! can people please stop judging others for their own life decisions it really does not affect you in any way, shape or form

article is here for anyone who wants a read:

mom: You really need to shave your legs.

me:  Do you know how long it took me to grow this luxurious coat? Children run over to pet me in the park. Poachers have been setting traps in our kitchen trying to get their hands on this rare and valuable pelage.  Cruella de Vil took one look at me and forgot all about dalmatians.  I am a walking fortune. I am a goddess of beauty and splendor. Mine is such fur as dreams are made on. Shave, you say? Shave?  Never!

mom:  ….

me: ….

me: …but maybe for swimsuit season.

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but dude like aris going to college and deciding after a few years that he wants to grow his hair out (think luke pasqualino in the musketeers hair) and sometimes having his hair in a pony tail. and also realizing he really likes it when Minho pulls his hair in bed.

You’re speaking directly to my heart please don’t stop. ❤️❤️❤️

But yessss. Aris with long hair is a thing I need quite badly.

After a while he can’t stand the heat but he loves his long hair so he shaves the sides? And keeps it in a tiny man bun up top for like all of summer?

luminescent-cnidaria replied to your post “Turns out that shaving the back and sides of your own head is really…”

Mirrors. Mirrors and patience. I have an undercut that uses a 2 on clippers & I maintain it myself. Don’t rush. And be ready to accept screw ups if they happen

I need to use more mirrors, or use a room with more mirrors, which, luckily also has better light. It’s just a more communal bathroom, is all. But, I’m tidy. Thanks for the tips! And, yes, patience. I’m not so good at the patience, but it’s something I need to learn. :)