Shiro is basically Buddha neko.


Derek peppering kisses on them (Stiles’ moles) is literally one of my fave things to exist in fic ever." - x


Rumbelle Meme : 4/5 Quotes

"You must leave because despite what you hope…I’m still a monster."  "Don’t you see? That’s exactly the reason I have to stay."

2003 nostalgia ;: a fanmix with songs from 2002 to 2006 - when R’n’B was the height of mainstream, music videos were just the right amount of cheesy and all of us wanted to be little gangsters


dilemma - kelly rowland feat. nelly // jenny from the block - jennifer lopez // dirrty - christina aguilera feat. redman // pon de replay - rihanna // don’t cha - the pussycat dolls feat. busta rhymes // switch - will smith // never leave (uh oh) - lumidee feat. busta rhymes // leave (get out) - jojo // cry me a river - justin timberlake // shut up - the black eyed peas // roses - outkast // let me love you - mario // p.i.m.p. - 50 cent feat. snoop dogg // baby boy - beyoncé feat. sean paul // rich girl - gwen stefani feat. eve // the magic key - one-t feat. cool-t // get the party started - pink // toxic - britney spears // milk shake - kelis // suga suga - frankie j feat. baby bash


caroline’s little smiles in “rescue me”(◡‿◡✿)

Some of you seem to be unaware—our dear Balder is colour-blind.

I call this one “Balder is actually a moose”.

affinityforsecrets replied to your post “.”

what a loser


finnick odair is the nastiest skank bitch i’ve ever met. do not trust him. he is a fugly slut.

Got the start of a future Coronation Elsa disneybound yesterday. Because, you know, it might come in handy. Maybe. Bonus: horrendously messy dorm room with my sheet-shedding bed.


tfw u wanna write about yata and write about headcanon and take a minute to appreciate that he’s the definition of soft grunge