I will not stand for the flag
and pledge myself
to a country
that claims
to represent
freedom and equality
when all I can see
are people murdered
by the color of their skin
and voices stifled
by the one-sided media.

I will not be quiet
and sit on the bleachers
and watch more
killings pass
day by day
and have you pat
my head and patronize me
and call me “naive”
for thinking that
murder could be so
“black and white”

How can you ever justify the murder of an unarmed teenager?

—  stained with the blood of the innocent // c.l

Get To Know Me | 5 Favourite TV Series

↳ Legend of Korra

"Korra showed me the importance of putting others before myself, and whenever I think of her, she continues to inspire me."



It’s like trying to catch smoke… Trying to catch smoke with your bare hands.

anonim zapytał(a)::

"i remember when a few years ago my mom went to Europe for some vacation thing and she said that none the hotels had any washcloths of any sort and she had to bring her own. she went to Spain, Italy, and France in a week by using her own…" lok at this shit. i'm going through the reblogs/tags and the amount of people saying that europeans are filthy that we don't shower/bath that we son't use but little pieces of paper to clean ourselves ???? americans are so embarrasing.

…… ROTFL other than the fact that I’ve been all over Europe and I can guarantee them that I found towels in the shittiest motels ever (srsly the last time I went to Paris I was in a one-star hotel and they gave me towels and clean sheets every day…), but OKAY THEN SORRY BUT I HAVE TO DO THIS.

For the mom of that person: I, as an Italian, I would kindly like to introduce you to a thing that surely would never not be in an Italian hotel - seriously, there’s one in every crappy hotel ever and in every bathroom. Ladies and gentlemen, the bidet:


This shit was apparently invented by the French, as the word itself suggests, but was perfectioned by Italians and adopted as our own - really, I’ve been in France and the bidet can be there or it cannot be, but here it’s everywhere. As Wikipedia says:

Bidets are primarily used to wash and clean the genitalia, perineum, inner buttocks, and anus. They may also be used to clean any other part of the bodysuch as feet. Despite appearing similar to a toilet, it would be more accurate to compare it to the washbasin or bathtub. Bidets once served as a practicalway for couples to prepare themselves before sex, as well as to rinse themselves afterwards.


Bidets are common bathroom fixtures in many southern European countries, especially Italy, where they are found in 97% of households (the installation of a bidet in a bathroom is mandatory from1975[4]), Spain, and Portugal, where bidets are in the majority of flats. Additionally, they are rather widespread, although not standard, in France, and are often found in AlbaniaCroatia,HungarySloveniaCzech RepublicMalta, and Greece.

I can attest that when I went to Spain and stayed at the house of a friend of my dad’s who loans it to friends when they come to her city, they did indeed have a bidet, and it was in a fair number of Spanish hotels. And I’m kinda sure it was in the hotel bathroom the one time I went to Turkey. This shit over there isn’t there for show - it’s because they want you to be thoroughly clean, if you get my meaning.

At this point I can safely say that there are two possibilities as far as that person’s mom goes, because if she went to France and Spain there’s a high chance that she might have run into such a contraption, and if she went to Italy there’s a 100% chance that there was one wherever she stayed since it’s mandatory to have it (and in hotels they will give you towels to use it - even in hostels, if you ask it shall be given):

  • she’s lying her ass off;
  • she didn’t even know what it was there for and since she most probably didn’t know the language or didn’t even think to ask for towels or for explanations;

In each case, she comes off as an idiot. Same goes for anyone else who’s made those comments because gdi I’ve never went to one hotel in Europe that was dirty or didn’t give you towels or soap if you asked for them and I’ve been pretty much all over. Some Americans really need to stop and realize how embarrassing they get.

(Sorry anon I know you didn’t ask for the entire exposition but when I read your ask I burst out laughing and I had to go for the lulz XD ;) )

ETA: also I just went on the Italian wiki page for the bidet and found this gem (I’m translating quickly):

People from countries where the bidet is a rare accomodation like the US or the UK can have no idea of how to use it when they see one in a foreign country. Americans, especially, have first been introduced to the bidet in French brothels during WWII and they apparently still link it with the idea that it was used just by prostitutes in order to clean their genitals after sleeping with their clients. There are common prejudices from foreigners from those countries, who sometimes think the bidet is a strange and possibly dirty object: on the other side, inhabitants from countries where the bidet is common are surprised by this and find themselves uncomfortable when they visit countries where the bidet isn’t used widely.

A lot of things are suddenly clearer. ;)

which was the moment this huge cat grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and dragged me away from the edge.. and then it shrank and shifted and there was Carmilla
—  but now Laura knows for sure that the cat next to her bed and that she keeps dreaming about is Carmilla. she knows Carmilla was so, so present in her subconscious. i wonder if she’ll keep dreaming about huge cats.

thekingofqueers zapytał(a)::

I can get behind Lawdorf: Betty pauses as one by one, the survivors leave the room and a very devastated Laura behind. It's all too quiet, and Betty feels super uncomfortable. She doesn't know these people, she doesn't even know Laura really. For a second, she's afraid she'll just be left there with the broken Laura, unable to make things better. As the last leaves, there's a voice and she looks up at the amazon that had pulled her out of harm's way. "C'mon Betty, tonight you'll stay with me."




Mari the storybreaker; a behavior & age theory on Mari Makinami Illustrious and her other lives.

Mari Makinami Illustrious has been known to be cryptic and odd, but happy. Is passive, but gets aggressively happy when piloting.

Chill enough to eat chips and drink tea as Asuka fights Unit 13 to keep it from starting the apocalypse again. Is teasing, but gets very serious in certain situations. Fearless, even enough to butt her head with a very true jab at Asuka when the Princess is angry. Has the worst fashion sense in official art, but is the only girl in Eva to ever wear a tuxedo. Seemingly insensitive, but is the one who yells at Shinji to help Asuka as the world falls into another apocalypse.

Illustrious also has somber sides, yet she meows and sings in a space mission.

Point is, with what little we know of her and how odd she is, how will this girl “destroy Eva”?

You most likely haven’t noticed, but Mari almost always appears in post EVA anime material, therefore making her our storybreaker. 

She could possibly be one of the contributing elements to change the storylines, and her Rebuild behavior tells that she is connected to her other continuity counterparts in very reincarnation-like ways.

In this odd little theory/analysis post, I will temporarily answer the questions about Mari that everyone has been pondering and rolling about:

  • Her behavior; why is she like that?
  • What is her actual age?
  • Okay, so how in the world is she still 16?

So, let’s go with the 365 step march!


[Word count: 2,965]

Czytaj dalej

anonim zapytał(a)::

Hi! I'm DFAB, but currently identify as genderfluid. I'm having a lot of social dysphoria, but more in the realm of my personal beliefs about social justice than the way that other people see me. I rest firmly in the definition of feminist, and lately I've been feeling... Guilt, almost? Like by being presenting male, I'm betraying my beliefs and "female pride." Do you have any advice for dealing with these feelings?

Ren says:

Hey friend, I feel this monumentally, and hope it is okay that I introduce something that helps me here.

There is a term that I feel very strongly about: girl-proximal. It’s the concept that if you have any relation to femininity - AFAB, femme, transfeminine, trans woman - then you understand misogyny, and you understand to some degree what I call ‘girlhood’ (it’s very difficult to define but I hope it’s understandable) and you are still a part of the incredible beautiful community of people with the experience of girlhood.

Here is a collection of tweets by Emery that sums up what I feel about girl-proximity, although it is their own words and feelings and not mine! I also wrote about this a little while ago (it’s a bit messy, sorry about that; warnings for swearing):

lady spaces are and always have been so important to me and that’s why i like the concept of girl-proximal, that there’s this…incredible beautiful group of people out there who have experienced girlhood whether or not it was right for them, who are still experiencing girlhood, who have wanted to experience girlhood since they were kids but weren’t allowed to until recently, who experience girlhood but not girlness and get confused, who want to be part of lady spaces but understand that those spaces and those words and that girlhood is not for them because they are not girls but who are clinging so tightly to girlhood anyway because it’s so fucking good it’s so fucking powerful

and oddly enough i didn’t identify with girlhood at all when i still identified as cis and now that i know i’m not, it’s like. i know i am not and never will be a girl but i am still a part of the girl-proximal community. i still experience that girlhood. just not the oft-associated girlness.

i understand my place isn’t lady spaces, and lady spaces are for ladies first and foremost, and lady spaces themselves have a lot to work on, like being inclusive of actual ladies…but that doesn’t mean that i don’t still strongly believe that a girl-proximal space, a space that includes everyone and anyone who identifies with girlhood no matter their gender identity or presentation, can exist

So you and I, my friend, still have a place here. Not with women, because we are not women, and they deserve places of their own. But we have experienced girlhood, and perhaps we continue to experience girlhood (I know I do) but do not experience girlness, and I think that is still a valid and powerful experience.

I hope this helps you as it has helped me!