i don’t imagine my princesses in the same way
others do, either kissing their husband and in
marital perfection or the cynical version where they are drunk
in the kitchen, living out their happily ever afters in
a haze of poor decisions, no,

i think cinderella becomes a fashion designer, i think
she stops smoking and takes back her name and
ends up making money and being a spokesperson
for abuse victims, i think right now if ella was alive
she’d be laughing over a pumpkin-spice latte and
her empire is the most body-inclusive in fashion

i think snow-white becomes an activist, i think she
studies genetics and i think she will allow
no person with a disability to go homeless, i think
whenever someone makes a joke about seven small men,
she whips around and asks them what exactly their problem is
because there is nothing wrong with
any of her friends

i think aurora is a sleep disorder doctor
and a psychologist, she uses hypnosis to help people
who can’t quite escape the thicket inside of their brains and
i think she’s working on developing a pill for people
with chronic insomnia even though everyone still teases her
about that one bout of narcolepsy and one day she admits
she actually was awake for most of it and just studying

i think ariel has shut down marine life poaching in
as many parts of her country as she can, i think that
she’s got teams working to clean up oil spills
and she’s building windmills in her backyard because
she’d rather have the “eyesore” than know someone is
drilling in her home, i think she has degrees in environmental
science and marine biology, i think she’s got a side project for scuba divers and oceanography and is devising a way for
mermaids to visit her land without giving up their tails

i think belle is a veterinarian and runs her practice
out of her father’s house
where his inventions have saved the lives of at least
ninety dogs and i think that she is a teacher in her free time
and has raised gaston’s eight kids to be nothing short
of polite and well-mannered and i think that she takes
frequent trips outside of her little quiet town but
always comes home again

i think jasmine is a feminist in every aspect, i believe
she works with shelters and soup kitchens and makes sure
nobody starves in her city ever again, i think she sets up
homes for homeless women, i think she marches in rallies
and has a school specifically for gifted girls that
were almost married off to strange men

see, i think when we cast these women as only a prize to be won
and that their life stops as soon as the credits roll, i think
when we joke about how everything went south
right after it all,
we’re telling girls, “you will regret that you ever fell in love
or believed in magic when you were small,” see
you can believe in happy endings, but believe too
in the princesses themselves,
believe that marriage isn’t the only goal
a girl can set for herself,

believe that if these girls fought to stay alive
when an evil queen was chasing them,
if they fought to give up their nature
for the chance of more adventure, if they fought
the sultan himself and society’s expectations:
something tells me that their happily ever after
isn’t resting on their laurels, something tells me
they’d seek just a little more,
something tells me that they’d keep fighting until
there is a happy ending for every single
little girl

believe in yourself, princess, and know that
even if you want a career and husband
and twelve happy children,
you are not deluding yourself of anything. it is
completely possible to actually have

it is okay for you to want a job and a home
and a family and a kingdom. you are strong enough.
you would handle it.

please don’t let anyone
tell you

—  sit tall today, my love. your dreams are valid and you are always good enough. // r.i.d

' 7' here’s a speedpaint of this piece! also, i couldn’t decide between this version and the one here to upload„,


melinda may appreciation month
↳ 4 quotes (+ 4 times may’s actions speak volumes)


What The Hell is Diamonds-And-Stars Gamzee Doing With His Life—a triptych.  

(it’s hard when you’re a pale porn star and nobody bothers to tell you.  It’s hard and literally nobody else has ever been uninformed and gullible enough to end up in that situation before, so nobody understands.)

First selfie in like 1 year where I have put 0 effort into my appearance. Dis is the natural Seba y’all


Because natural progression dictates Zoe and Charlie go on to basically become the wrock Leslie and Ben. It’s just science.

Bonus (because too good not to):



匿名 の発言:

People who call manga "comics" should not be associated with.


Sorry to burst your bubble, friend. Comics come in all kinds of forms for all kinds of people.

I kinda get what you mean like, there’s a reason we call manga “manga” and not “comics” because of the difference in culture and to be able to differentiate them. (Heck, you read them backwards, that’s a hard adjustment for new readers.)

Let’s put a western comic next to a manga. Batman and Ratman.


Obviously there’s a difference at first glance, but they’re both from the super hero genre and both have panels in a sequential form that tell a story from the hero’s point of view and that’s kinda the definition of a comic. (Well, except “comic” was taken from the word “comedic” and a lot of comics are anything but funny nowadays but that’s beside the point.)

Point is, yeah, there’s a culture difference so it’s easier to name them differently but in the end they’re both comics and instead of putting your chin up and saying “don’t associate with someone who calls manga ‘comics’”, maybe you should politely educate them that there’s some differences and you’d rather they not call manga “comics” around you. Because maybe they just see a series of panels on pages and know that’s a comic but don’t know the term “manga” yet and honestly, if you’re snooty about someone who honestly didn’t have prior knowledge and make a big deal out of it, there’s a huge chance you’re gonna make them hate it. Not everyone went through the weeaboo phase at the same time and you probably lost a potential good friend you could have recommended manga to.

(Also, you kinda sound like you’re badmouthing comics but have you ever read a Spider-Man comic because Peter Parker is hilarious ok.)

((Also also, western comics aren’t just Marvel or DC Comics. There’s a ton of really amazing individual comics as well. Here’s two my friend owns that she absolutely loves and promised to let me read. Please broaden your horizons or you’ll miss out on hidden gems.))