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SouRin Week: [ ᴅ ᴀ y - ѕ ɪ x ]

R o c k: Meeting the family

—I’ve read a lot of stuff about how Sousuke’s parents are mean, and sad stuff about Rin’s dad so… i like to think that, if Rin’s dad were alive, he would be a little shit competitive parent, and i’m pretty sure Sousuke’s dad is, well, maybe a little serious, but not mean, and also competitive. Both families get along pretty well, to the point they knew Sousuke would choose one of the Matsuoka siblings as his bride/groom.


more of [this idea] bc it’s a cool idea

here have the other loser merc.

Locus has no lasting markings from before his military service bc he tossed that part of his life and left it behind when he committed to being more weapon than man.  Whatever was there was blotted out by others or just faded over time.

anyways, we got armour markings bc that’s significant if he goes by armour name rather than real name.  the bright orange band for Felix, yellow and steel for Washington + that existential crisis he made Locus face, UNSC logo for military service but also his commitment to being a perfect soldier in an army - it’s a little messed up (eagle now a skeleton, wings losing feathers, colour shifted from white to red and black) because he wants to live to that soldier ideal, but he’s failing somehow, and also bc allegiance no longer with UNSC but charon.  Then you have the endless wave of tally marks for all the dead people to his name.  His back is covered with them, they’re starting to bleed over his sides.

..sometimes i feel i draw this AU less bc of tattoos but more bc i have to draw everyone shirtless lol


Cursed AU featuring Queen Elsa as the co-owner of a chocolaterie and ice creamery and Jas Hook as the owner of a small flower shop across the street.

Tonight I made lemon cake for myself because I didn’t have one for my Birthday over a month ago and I just really wanted it tonight and mom was all “well then make it” so I did. It turned out ridiculously fluffy and sweet and it’s amazing. So proud. Yes it’s a mix from a box but I’m still proud.

its funny when you read a friend’s work and you realize how different your writing is— not in a good or bad value way but in like you don’t even think about describing something they just spent a paragraph describing and how that attributes to how the reader envisions the story and just makes you wonder how the way you write provides or leaves out certain things. not that either is better but just makes you evaluate sort of the necessities of storytelling and the effects different methods of writing can have on a reader

Dear fandoms, it's OKAY to enjoy stuff that is problematic.

Man you know I really really really really love Agent Carter. Like I love it to pieces and Hayley Atwell fucking shines in the role and the cast is ridiculously solid and I could watch Peggy literally punch the patriarchy for days. I’ve been asking folks to watch it BUT let’s be real: it does have a problem with POC representation.

You can recognize this and still enjoy the fuck out of this awesome show. 

Of course people (whether as a POC or not) can also dislike the show because of it!

Look, many shows are not perfect because people who make and run them aren’t perfect — not to mention the institutions surrounding them. 

Most of the media that we consume has problematic elements, whether it has to do with race or gender or culture. The most important thing is to recognize the flaws in what we consume (and help push for improvements in these areas) even as we celebrate the excellent parts of it.

the-shadowed-gladiator asked:

{For the open requests} I'm so torn between more spark!Optimus keeping watch on the Bots or Sideswipe and Sunstreaker relaxing together all fluffly like, so I'll let you pick which one you wish to do. x3

Optimus does the nightly rounds after (nearly) every bot is long since asleep.

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The Investigation Team trying to imitate Teddie is honestly one of the best things I’ve ever seen