also im sorry if this isnt exactly what you asked for but

flinx asked:

hi! sorry if im bothering you but could you maybe tell me your numbuh 10 hcs? i saw your recent post and i like her a lot but i never see much about her!


despite her seemingly nice attitude through most of HOLIDAY, when she outwardly started talkin smack about nigel, thats how she pretty much is. shes full of gossip, TRUE gossup, she wouldnt ever just spout something if there wasnt proof of it. 

her sector hates her, not because theyre jealous of her popularity with the knd population regarding her news status but because she will talk straight up about ‘issues’ regarding recent broacasts or pushing them to gET THOSE FACTS STRAIGHT. shes also not the best of friends with them because she isnt one to keep things a secret. shes straightfoward about things and if you have a problem youre gonna have to deal with it. she doesnt exactly like her sector either but she works with what shes got.

shes def friends with lizzie after HOLIDAY oh my god, they bonded over nigel and his embarassing flaws, thenninto clothes ajd they just kept in touch after that. 

her names georgette (after georgette in oliver and company because perfedt isnt easy iS HER SONG OKAY,)

shes definitely a flirt, when she sees it fit, however shes aromantic.

her entire personality just screams “ill be nice to you if i want to be, but it doesnt mean ill say nice things about you in frontn or behind you”. shes awful, i love her.

i made a comic once on how nigel skipped out on another date with lizzie and her being told about it. she went over and did a report on it calling him out for neglectjng his girlfriend, lizzie had some choice words to say to him during it. so basically hurt lizzie or anyone she holds near and dear and you will find yourself in a bad light to those around you. (she works with truth, and sometimes thats not always a good thing)

i like to think her and nigel dont get along very well after that. well nigek ajyway. like she just embarrassed him and he didnt look too happy seein g his girlfriend walk off with someone he thought he got along with. shell turn around act like nothing happened but hes not gonna talk much with her after that.

if she ever found about lizzie being an alien shed probably need a bit to let that sink in and be back like “no wonder you couldnt cook, geez liz ever hear of a cook book on earth?”

I HOPE ALL THAT MADE SENSE  i have one on her dad somewhere, i forgot where i put it but it was important. ANYWAYS THATS SOME OF IT.