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like 99% percent of the phandom is respectful and non invasive, but then there is that 1% that is fucking disgusting there honestly is no inbetween and it makes us all look bad and makes me very cringey and mad

exactly, the people that’re like that tend to stick out more and that’s likely the % that dan and phil see, which in turn probably makes them think we’re all like that and it makes me quite upset, then again we also have overly nice members who’re all “#sorrydanandphil” and “please rest we love you!” and that’s also embarrassing/ cringe worthy. the quiet, respectful shippers don’t get a look in which ever way you cut it, they’re either seeing the disgusting invasive ones or the cringe worthy up their arses nice ones - neither of which are a good thing in my opinion, and the quiet respectful shippers are just sitting on the back burner. idk, it’s all very black and white, the shippers that dan and phil see are most likely 

a) the disgusting ones, or

b) the overly nice cringey ones

and both of those types of shipper embarrass me to no end 


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Isn’t that the guy that played the vegan guy from…

yes; evil vegan superpowers todd

and he’s also superman
a sucky one at that

okay he wasn’t that bad but the movie was horrid

his name is brandon routh :)

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My main problem with the korr/asami fandom is the fanart. There is a lot of wonderful KA fanart I know but there is also a lot of cringe worthy fanart in the sense of depicting Asami out to be a pervert who gropes Korra without consent or at inappropriate times and it makes me uncomfortable. I try to blacklist stuff like this but it always ends up on my dash somehow. I used to be fine with KA fanart until I saw lots of creepy art start to appear idk

Yeah, there’s definitely some wildly inappropriate stuff out there involving those two.  >_>;  And, of course, I can’t imagine it’s tagged consistently.  The only real way to avoid it is not to follow anyone who posts it, it seems.  =/

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((okay, that anon is weird. though some of the M!As I get are rather weird as well. heck, I tend to go back really deep in my own blogs if I'm trying to find something I know I posted a while ago, but the only reason I can think of is that anon thinks you are a really good Kid Icarus fandom RPer to go through all 500+ pages of your blog.))

((I won’t exactly call them the best judge of quality if that’s the case, but all jokes aside, they’re more than welcome to use their time however they wish.))

((Right now, I’m assuming that that Anonymous has just been here a while, and wanted to tell me my blog’s been worth it all that time… but still, regardless of the explanation, I at least hope they thought I was worth it all the while. Because they’re delusional or something))


Oh yeah!!!!! It’s really good :) 

Daredevil is a marvel superhero (a really REALLY cool one in my opinion) and the season just went live on Netflix today 

 It’s 13 episodes and so far I’m really enjoying it :))))))