also been practicing a lot

just wanted to let everyone know that im still drawing! i havent posted much in a while because ive been doing a lot of little sketches/doodles and i’ll make a complication soon. also working on something kinda time consuming so yeah!!!


I’m considering making a test blog for some of my characters over winter break. I got some I wanna try out, and improve them before I do anything big with them.

loyalrighthand asked:

Pass his arms around the other's and lift him in a bridal stayle and carries him to his bed putting him lying there and so sitting on the bed. "If you was tired you should have said to me and then I would come another time, idiot."


The rain sighed as he finally was in the bed and was able to relax.  At the moment he just wanted to fall asleep but he also wanted to spend time with Gokudera.  “I wanted to see you.  I rarely see you with baseball and I also have been practicing a lot.”

Art of Biology Project - 7

Today I did some more research and just looked at more pictures. I have also been practicing a lot on my art. It’s actually pretty easy to draw the small intestine. I hope I get started on the good copy of my art.