Sevmek kimi zaman rezilce korkuludur
İnsan bir akşam üstü ansızın yorulur
Tutsak ustura ağzında yaşamaktan
Kimi zaman ellerini kırar tutkusu
Bir kaç hayat çıkarır yaşamasından
Hangi kapıyı çalsa kimi zaman
Arkasında yalnızlığın hınzır uğultusu…”

Attila İlhan



Benedict Cumberbatch has a b’day soon & he’s helped create a special donation site for American fans. Pls RT & visit 

Message from Benedict

“I first became aware of ALS back in 2003 when I played English physicist Professor Stephen Hawking in the BBC drama ‘Hawking’.  Prof Hawking is probably the most famous person with ALS, and – uniquely – he has lived with the disease for over 49 years.  As part of my research into this brilliant man, I worked with the British charity the Motor Neurone Disease Association, who introduced me to two people who had MND at very different stages.  They very generously allowed me to film them and were remarkably brave in their frankness and honesty about how it started and what they’d felt emotionally and physically.  Ten years on from the release of ‘Hawking’ I am very proud to still be an Ambassador of the MND Association.  And, as so much of my life is split between England and America, I am also delighted the MND Association is working with their American colleagues at The ALS Association, to help find a cure for this awful disease.  Please donate as much as you can.  Thank you for your continuing support and your birthday wishes.” Benedict

Your donation

Benedict has asked that your birthday donation goes to fund the ‘ALS Online Genetics Database’ (ALSoD), which helps scientists become detectives in the search for a cure for ALS/MND.  In recent years there has been a huge increase in medical research into the disease, driven by major advances in understanding how genetic factors underpin a number of forms of ALS.  Information from these genetic studies is entered into ALSoD where it becomes available to researchers around the world.  So far the database has been accessed over 900,000 times by scientists aiming to understand the causes of this devastating disease – and the more we understand the causes the closer we get to a finding a cure.  The database is housed at King’s College London and is funded by The ALS Association of the United States in partnership with the MND Association of the UK. To learn more about ALSoD, please visit:

Via @Momof3kids1dog: Stories about the illness x x

@BenedictBDay for more news - please help them reach 10k :) 



Benedict Cumberbatch’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - BRILLIANT!


I told you guys!

I didn’t mean to pull the ‘I told you’ card, but it’s right there. These were the exact figures I was reading from in my video. (although the salary part must have been updated since I was reading from their 2012 earnings).

But this isn’t the first time this has happened. Solar Roadways… was a scam. Received 2 million+

Kony2012 was a scam. also received millions.

Are people simply incapable of critical thinking in masses? Do people ignore things if others are falling for something?

Sure there are individuals who can waggle their finger about it and be like ‘Pffft I knew this would happen’, but did you? or were you just trying to dodge a trend with pessimism. Who actually did their research on this thing? Because it looks like MILLIONS did not.

I didn’t expect another big scam this close to the last, the solar roadways trend JUST left us.

I wonder what the next one will be….


Here’s a link to the article pictured (x)


Tom Hiddleston’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Leave it to Patrick Stewart to finally get the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge right


Matt Smith’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Harry Potter and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

No doubt many of you have seen the latest videos gone viral featuring the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and wondered…what are they doing? Take a look at the familiar faces getting in on the challenge to help raise funds and awareness for a great cause!


Chris Evans’ rocks the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


AKA the GLITTER Bucket Challenge! XD

Please go and donate to AND help and support your LGBTQ communities! Thank you!

Who is Will!? thatotherodinson

Lauren fangirequeen

Erik themasterofvillainy

and Cotton Candy Loki zuckerwattebaum - you have 24 hours do to the challenge! (Water and Glitter is up to you, but ice water it is!!!)