So when Kris filed a lawsuit and wanted to terminate his contract, fans started calling him a traitor and gave him so much flake. Things like OT11 popped up and blatant rumors started spreading that were based on illegitimate sources. The other members started saying harsh words and it added fuel to the flame that would divide the EXO fandom. But now that Luhan is leaving, the fans give him the utmost support and love. They praise him for taking care of his health first and applaud him for his actions and standing up to the tyrannical company that is SM Entertainment.

Luhan and Kris essentially had the same reasons as to why they wanted to terminate their contracts: their health wasn’t cared for, they didn’t get proper pay, and there was a clear divide with how they (the Chinese members) were treated versus how the company looked after the Korean members. They’re both fighting for the same thing.

It disgusts me how fans who were so against Kris and spread all these fake rumors about him are now giving Luhan their unwavering support. The fans didn’t know about it, some members didn’t know about it, and some of the company heads didn’t know about both departures. But the aftermath for both parties are on completely different spectrums.

Both Kris and Luhan filed for the same things. Both are fighting for what they believe is right. Both feel that SM is mistreating their artists.

Yet Kris is a traitor and Luhan is a hero.

We're all different so respect that

You know what
I’m tired of this
Not all country girls have long tan legs
Not all country girls are skinny
Not all country girls hunt
Not all country girls can ride horses
Not all country girls fish
Not all country girls are white
Not all country girls wear camo…

Not all country girls are perfect

Not all girls are perfect

Get the picture?