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ahh these books are the biggest rollercoasters ever it’s ridiculous. personally i think the latest two in that series are not her best books but of course they’re still better than 95% of what’s out there so

Aww yeah, I heard that the next one [fourth] isn’t that great :/  but exactly I’m sure they’re much better than most of the stuff out there!  I’m still looking forward to reading them, even if they are emotional roller coasters ahaha 

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ah oh gosh i didn’t even see this until i looked in my tag which i like never do but JESUS those books are so emotional! cc is really good at breaking your heart into a million pieces and i’m so melodramatic i love it :3

She really is good at it!  I finished the third book yesterday and O M G ahdioahdoa is all I can say you had to see me, I’m so mad though cause I don’t have the fourth book but hopefully *fingers crossed* the weekend I can go and buy it and the fifth one

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well if you don’t want spoilers then maybe i shouldn’t tell you but i will say you have some awesome deductive skills! i was just so overwhelmed with feelings that i didn’t even try to figure it out i just sort of floated in a pool of tears :’(

These books are so emotional I wish I read them sooner and I feel you, I’ve floated in many pools of tears during the past few days reading these :( nahiso I can’t even imagine how I’ll be watching the movies! 

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omg ok i’ve read the books and i’m telling you you are so much more attentive than i was the first time around!

AM I RIGHT?!  I’ve been so tempted to google it and read spoilers but I promised myself not to and it’s killing me ahndioahnfo but I just want Jace and Clary to not be related and be together so I’m literally looking into every single thing to prove against it!

But I am up to the part where Sebastian does something to Isabelle and Max so there’s definitely something off about him adhoiahd