I think my mass influx of solkat made my bro alphaborn mass influx dirkjake. Or he just wanted to reblog a lot of dirkjake. Either way.

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No words can explain how hard last night was for most of us. It was barely a year, but throughout all those months we’ve watched each other grow. We grew as a family, idk what this program be without you guys. To our seniors, thank you for making our year one of the best, good luck out there. Remember you don’t have to have a rank in order to be a leader. We will truly miss ou guys, we know well enough that you guys will make a great change out there. There are three types of people in this world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened. To our mentors, supporters, parents and friends, thank you for all the continous support, we couldn’t have done this without any of you guys! Its been a hell of a year governors! We’ll come back stronger next year, and that’s a promise! Don’t forget, it’s always a great day to be alive.❤️ #governorsguardbattalion #alphaborn #oneteamonefamily #20132014 #annualawards

It sucks I’m like almost deathly allergic bc it makes it hard for me to move if its on my legs or arms and it makes me sick all the time and I’m always tired which gets me in trouble but the last time I had poison ivy really bad I was like 8 and it was all over my legs and my uncle had to carry me everywhere and I had to wear bandages and take a bunch of meds and get a lot of shots and it sucked horribly


So it’s I-Week at AOII. In layman’s terms, it’s the week before initiation for me. And we’re doing a bunch of fun stuff this week. Today, we made pins. To sum this up, I got my nerd on with my Doctor Who pin and my Big has got a dirty, dirty mind :P

Alpha love!