hiiii. i’ve been on tumblr for three years now but it was only really last year that i started making lots of close friends on here so i decided to make this! also it’s my 18th and i made it another year so i wanted all of my mutuals to know that i appreciate each and every one of you, because regardless of whether we’ve talked before or not, or even if we just very recently started following each other, all of you have helped me in a lot of ways! so here is a shoutout to all you lovely people! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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i probably still forgot a few urls, i’m sorry D:

but yes, you’re all incredible and i’m so glad to have all of you not only on my dash but also in my life! here’s to a rockin’ awesome 2015.

R is for Red

Red used to be my favourite colour. Cause Jennies, obviously, and my favourite dress. Red meant danger, yeah, but it also meant- excitement. Freedom. Getting even.

Not any more.

Red now means sickness. It means the lyrium, hot and sour and salty like someone else’s blood in your mouth, burning as it goes down my throat, where it splashes on the skin. It means running out of arrows, running out of tricks, running out of time. It means templars holding me down and here it comes again, metallic, horrible, wrong.

Red means letting the Herald die.

Red means seeing things that aren’t there, because you’ve seen the same four walls for a year now, and nothing’s gonna come and help you, Sera, so stop bloody wishing. Stop seeing things that aren’t there. Stop forgetting the things that are.

Where willows walked we-

Can’t. Shit. Can’t fucking think. Stupid. Stupid, slow Sera, dying in a cell at the end of the world.

Red means lonely, okay? It means you’re alone until you die.


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