Scott is basically the werewolf equivalent of the product of an extremely misguided drunken one-night stand.

Because turned werewolves are Alphababies, right? And Scott was a bite-and-run product of a full-moon-high newly-made Alpha. Only moongoggles (werewolf equivalent of drunkgoggles) could make Scott seem like a fantastic choice.

…so Scott is both the extremely drunken one-night stand AND the illegitimate werewolf baby that everyone’s like ‘wtf do we do with it now?’

Which is why Derek has the same face pulling Scott out of trouble that the Sheriff does pulling Stiles and Scott out of trouble. It’s the ‘why God why’ look, and I LOVE IT. Clearly Derek thought Scott was an anomaly. That other teenagers would be smarter. Which is true, everyone is smarter than Scott (I do love him, but he is not bright), but that does not mean the other teenagers make better choices. It just means they don’t use Allison for a username and a password.


Happy 3rd Birthday, Charlie!

This kid. You guys, he’s 3 years old already!  How did that even happen?

Things Charlie loves:

  • ABCs, 123s
  • Donuts.  Cookies.  Other round frosted foods.  ;)
  • Bye-bye… this kid loves to take trips in the car, and especially run errands with Dad.
  • Beef lo mein, still his fave.  Pepperoni and cheese, but not together on a pizza.
  • Hiding stuff in his basket or behind the chaise.
  • Walt, and bringing toys (forcefully) to him.  :)
  • Running!  Everywhere.  
  • Daniel Tiger is his favorite show.
  • Cars, mostly on his car ramp.
  • iPad apps:  Endless Numbers, Endless Alphabet, Daniel Tiger, There’s a Lion in My Backyard, Super Why, AlphaBaby
  • Bilibo, AKA “the whee” - you can see it upside down in the sad trike picture (looks like an green bowl).  He loves to be pushed across the room in it!
  • Finding Dad in the middle of the night if/when he wakes up.  He will walk right past Mom with outstretched arms to go around the bed and find Dad, heh.  Sorry, Dad.
  • Campus.  He loves the college students and running up and down the Mall!

Things Charlie doesn’t like:

  • His backpack.  
  • His birthday trike…hopefully he comes around!  He treated it the same way he treated playground at the beginning…he’ll love it eventually.
  • Not getting his way. We get a lot of “OOOOO” now, which is Charlie for “no”.  
  • Sitting still.  Or being made to do so.  Circle Time at preschool has not been his best subject.
  • Doctors’ offices.  The dentist was not successful, although he did manage to show the tech he knows how to brush his teeth, so minor victory.
  • Dad going bye-bye without him.
  • Seizures.  For the first time ever today (on his bday!) he signed “seizure” to us after one.  Sad, but good to know he can tell us now.

He goes to the ped on Monday for his 3 year check-up, so we’ll post stats then!  

We love you, Charlie!  You are a hoot.  Thanks for keeping us on our toes every day, and being so full of energy and spirit.  Hope this is your best year yet!