Cloudbase Prime is a fantastic first person shooter/platformer with a beautiful low poly graphical style, huge enemies, a wicked sense of humor and the ability to propel yourself (and enemies) high up into the air.

We first covered the 2 year old Cloudbase Prime prototype a while ago and loved it, but the newly released Alpha build is far superior, with better polish, more enemies, multiple levels, different game modes, a boss fight and a bonus level featuring the huge walking tripod pictured above.

The gameplay mechanics are great fun to play around with.  You have the ability to shoot the hexagonal columns that make up the world into the air, propelling yourself or anything else standing on them high into the air.  This comes in handy for jumping from platform to platform, but also for escaping hordes of enemies (particularly in survival mode).

The striking visuals and fun gameplay of Cloudbase Prime are accompanied by a seriously funny voice-over from your robotic AI, full of laugh out loud moments and wickedly witty dialogue.  A ridiculous monologue about the evil robots family the first time you play a survival mode is a particular standout and easily on par with anything from Portal 2.

Great visuals, fun gameplay and hilarious audio make this a game we can’t recommend highly enough.  Prime yourself for big laughs and big fun!

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Things I don’t understand about RVB:

In Blood Gulch, when Tex and Church (Alpha) “die”, they have bodies that actually rot and smell.

But we learn later on that before Blood Gulch, this wasn’t the case for Tex. (Example: Watch the CT/Carolina/Tex fight and look for sparks)


Did she only get a body because she wanted to feel more human- or be more close to Alpha?

Did she just want to play along with Alpha? The last time she met Alpha, he didn’t know who she was- maybe she thought it would be more permanent?

I mean, if her and Alpha actually had bodies, they could hold each other, embrace each other, they would be physical beings for the first time… (If you want to get technical, the second time)

Maybe it made her feel whole and real…maybe that’s what she wanted all along. 


Omega!Daryl and Alpha!Rick Alternate Universe

Daryl never really acted like a normal omega. He hated having to follow an Alpha’s command, even in life or death situations. Rick just needs him to calm down so they could find his asshole of a brother.


Anon: Omega verse au! Hic and Jack are best friends, one day Hic is in heat and they can’t help but have sex because yummy. Hic, even with protection, gets preggers and at first he and Jack don’t want the baby, they want to graduate, but they decide to keep it. So after a pretty tough/awkward/cute pregnancy they start to fall in love and when the baby boy is born they are actually a happy family. :)

Prepare for the suck X( I’m telling you, there are so many other talented writers who could have written this…
Also, what a lame title.

On a normal weekday at the end of lunch break, Jack would be making his way to English class; sit down beside his colourful friend, Thiana, and then proceed to whisper snide comments about Mr. Pitchner to both her and his Australian fri… uh… acquaintance, Aster. Both were not capable of being left alone together – the awkward silence was always agonizing – but when surrounded by other people, they were content.

That is how it normally went.

But not today.

In fact, if you had told Jack at the start of the day that after lunch break, he would have his best friend pinned against the wall of the bathroom while roughly kissing his neck – no, sucking was more like it – and pounding every ounce of sexual tension that had been building up between the two of them since their freshman year into the writhing teenager… there is a pretty good chance he would have checked you into a mental hospital.

And yet…

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Rip is a charming 2D action adventure game, full of nice little touches and self referential humor, where you team up with a bunch of friends to find your missing little brother and fight off an invasion of strange ‘parasites’.

As you traverse the beautifully crafted pixel art world of Rip, you’ll soon become aware that a lot of work has gone into making it a place you really want to explore.  Every house is full of interesting items and fun titbits of information, and every area has it’s own visual style, full of branching pathways and reasons to explore them.

You enlist the help of a bunch of friends and embark upon your quest to find your brother and stop off the parasites, solving puzzles, platforming and fighting enemies.  The combat can be a little basic but works well enough, while the puzzle solving is reminiscent of point & click adventures – with you able to use, examine and combine items in your inventory.

The wonderful arcade pixel art graphical style of Rip belies it’s intelligent gameplay, RPG-style storyline and rich world to explore.  A Rip-roaring adventure.

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