That new J Cole Fire #AlotA #JCole #FireSquade


Tailgating I’m feeling to good right Now!!! #Texans #BadAzzBobby #AlotA #LateNightsEarlyMornings #SundayFunday (at Reliant Stadium)


TailGateing #SundayFunday #Texans #Football #AlotA #BadAzzBobby (at NRG Park)

i really, REALLY want to go hard to cl because she’s really pretty and she gotta alota charisma that can carry her but these niggas out here are tryin’ so hard to make her some version of lil’ kim that this shit is not gonna work. i also don’t like that she pretty much left 21 to rot.
….she probably scared of minzy. let minzy get some spotlight and slay her ass.

anonymous asked:

last movie you have seen?

The other women and it was great!! i loved the movie it was so funny. plus it had a really cute guy in it. not the guy they get back at he’s kinda ugly.( alota ugly)  but you’ll know who i’m talking about when you see it.