A Visit To KNags AKA Kamla Nagar

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The first time I got interested in KNags was when I was in Mumbai. I Never really got around to going to that place though, until this weekend. This time around, one of my friends had to collect his car from Kamla Nagar so I found the perfect opportunity to visit the place.

Since we visited the place on a Saturday, I was expecting a bit less crowd - I was assuming it would be a holiday at the university and so there would be less students. I couldn’t have been more wrong. KNags was a bustling marketplace, packed to the brim. Taking a car into that place is a stupid idea, although many were trying. We parked at the entrance itself.

I had checked up on KNags during the metro ride to Vishwavidyalaya so I knew I wanted to visit three places in particular - Chache Di Hatti, BTW and Vaishnav Chat Bhandar.

We first made our way to Chache Di Hatti, known for it’s Rawalpindi wale Chole Bhature. I had read that it runs out of its stock by 2-2:30 PM and that there was always a line. We reached just before 2 PM and as I had read, we were greeted to a long line stretching out on to the road.


For the first time ever, I saw a separate line for ladies at a food joint. As we were in the line, we decided to have some Banta/Lemon Soda.We kept waiting patiently for over half an hour just to have a few bhaturas. Boy were they worth the wait. We took 2 regular Bhaturas and 1 Aloo Bhatura along with the Chole.


The Aloo Bhatura along with the Chole was a lip-smacking delight. The onions and the chutney were welcome additions as they provided additional flavour to an already brilliant dish. To add to the awesomeness, it cost us less than 50 bucks for the 3 bhaturas!

Next, we made our way to Vaishnav Chat Bhandar.


I’d heard about the Pani Puri’s they serve but I was a skeptic. I’ve had so much Pani Puri at so many different places and have been disappointed way too many times. This time it was different.


The Pani Puri here was one of the most balanced in flavour. Not to sweet, not too spicy, just right. In 4 pieces (their serving size) I was left with that niggle of chilly flavor but didn’t find it hot enough to need water to make it subside. More than that, the Puri was crisp too, lending to the brilliant contrast in textures. Finally, the aloo filling was well boiled and smooth. This was a Pani Puri that I will yearn for many more years. Damages? 20 bucks a plate.

 Lastly, we made our way to BTW. I was amused by the name as to me, it means “By the way”. Actually, it is Bittoo Tikki Wala.


I simply asked for one Aloo Tikki with masala and green chutney, the way I like it. The guy serving it was surprised, "Sirf hari chutney?" . They had so many other options - onions, cabbage, curd, saunth and a few more to add on to the tikki, but I wanted to taste mainly the tikki. It was by far the most crispy Aloo Tikki I have had. And I thought I knew crispy. This is double the crispiness of a fresh French Frie at McDonalds. It was a very interesting dish even though it wasn’t the best tikki I have had. A single Aloo Tikki cost me 40 bucks, which probably explained why the guy was so interested in adding all the goodies. 

There are so many more things to explore in KNags and I am definitely going to go once more. Anybody interested?