New York

(I am about 15 minutes into my shift when I notice a woman approach a nearby display with a noticeably large blue bag. She appears to be looking for something specific, so I approach her to offer assistance)

Me: Hello! What can I help you with today?

Customer: Yeah, hi, you can leave me the h*** alone. That would be a lot of help.

(I couldn’t see her face as she spoke, so I thought maybe I had misheard her. When it finally clicked, I stood in place for a few seconds, in shock, because I had never been treated in such a way by a customer, and her attitude was entirely unprovoked. I conclude that she may be a shoplifter, because I couldn’t think of any other reason for her rudeness and clear desire to be left alone. Before I can say anything else, she gets right in my face).

Customer: What? Is there something wrong why you need to keep watching me?

Me: No, ma’am, I was just trying to offer you some assista-

(Before I am able to finish my explanation, she is already walking away from me toward the tool department and flashing her rear end at me. After standing there for a few more seconds trying to process what had just occurred, I go to my manager and breifly explain what had just happened and that I suspect she may steal something. He follows her around the store and keeps an eye on her until she leaves, and then returns to me).

Manager: Well, she didn’t take anything, from what I was able to see… Maybe she was just crazy?

Me: Sundays… That is when they come out…


I understand. I wish I didn’t…

↳ ‘Arthur’s Bane’ pt1 53/65


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