This was after doing half a bag, that little white thing is another bag (We don’t get fancy packaging in the UK just a rizla).

I’m finding it really hard recently to control how much i put in a pin, my depression just tells me to put it all in and go to sleep but then what will my family think, what will they do and how will they cope? sometimes i wish i didnt care…

I’m in a pretty shitty place right now… I wish I had someone to help me :/

daughteroferynlasgalen said:

"Celegorm!" she panted, sprinting into the room as fast as her legs would carry her. "I'm sorry, I came as soon as I heard, but we I didn't even hear until.." Her thoughts were cut short as she finally spotted him, immediately registering that he wasn't alone. "H-hey," she whispered, a small smile growing on her face. "Celegorm.." ((is this okay?))

[ shush yes it is ]

His head sprang up at the call of his name, attention immediately turning to the child at the doorway. “Heard what?” He asked with knitted brows, face twisted with confusion.

A cry arose from the bundle within his arms, making him sigh with frustration as he stood and began rocking his arms back and forth. “What..what are you smiling about?!” Between the infant in his grasp and a lack of sleep, thanks to said child, he was becoming increasingly agitated. 



I understand. I wish I didn’t…

↳ ‘Arthur’s Bane’ pt1 53/65


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