MH3 X Crossover (Weapons)

This is part of the Ultimate Project, which puts together an “expansion” for hunters who have already completed the game. To justify the “OP” level of the weapons, these are only included in
G Rank difficulty.


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FE10 LP Chap 4 Part 3

Me/Zihark/Ragnell/BBEndingTheme Hatless/Naesala/ Silence/Tibarn/GottaCatchEmAll Snow/Edward/Caladbolg/Tales Scrimsax/Gatrie/Alondite ShadowCero/Tormod/Rexfla…
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FE10 LP Chap 4 Part 1

Me/Zihark/Ragnell/ Hatless/Naesala/ Silence/Tibarn/ Snow/Edward/Caladbolg/ Scrimsax/Gatrie/Alondite ShadowCero/Tormod/Rexflame/ Ryoku/Stefan/Amiti/ Fitz/Shin…
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basketbones asked:

You know, I keep seeing all these gifs with some knight guy with a copy of the ragnell with swapped colors of Ike's ragnell. Can you kind of explain that? because I thought the Ragnell was one of a kind

haha Oh Boy how do i explain this to someone who has never played the tellius games um

that is the black knight…

who is actually zelgius…

zelgius was one of daein’s (the land the game takes place on) four riders

he is the one responsible for killing greil (who is ike’s father, and yes, ike eventually gets his revenge i promise you) but… on the topic of his sword…

its name is alondite; it is ragnell’s sister blade (they are statistically and physically identical, save for their coloring)

they are both holy blades, blessed by the goddess ashera