*Ha ha ha NO.*

Hey y'all! It’s me (b-loomist)! So like 20 minutes ago Lauren (the owner of the blog alohmist) gave me alohmist. Yay! Which is great and all apart from the fact of me having a busy bee social life (think tumblr, sleeping and eating). So I decided that it’s time to get a co-owner for alohmist :)  So here are the ‘rules’ or 'guidelines’ as fancy people say to win the 1 million dollar prize!

The Seven Commandments:

Thou shalt be following me and me

Thou shalt reblog this post and any who like shall be struck down from the heavens,

Thou can make a post deeming who worthy of my company by tagging it 'bxloomist’.

Thou shalt be awesome and preferably like around my age so we can become bffls (12, 13, 14, 15) but that is not necessary

Thou must be super-duper nice

Thou must be okay with the fact that it does not have many followers yet.

Thou must be as active as Proactiv (very active)

About me (You’ll probably want to know who you’re co-owning with before you actually co-own so here it goes)

Name: Annabel

Age:  12 but in 17 days (21st of June) I’m turning 13 yay!

Nationality: Aussie and a Brit (my sister says only old people say they’re brits but #yolo)

I live: In Hong Kong

I speak: English (surprise!) and French cos of my French step-dad

Good points about me: I’m swaggilicious (jk I’m fabulicious), you’ll never, ever be bored talking to me, I talk a lot so if you don’t want to talk just make random noises and we’re fine, I give good advice and I’m actually quite mature (sometimes) it’s just this sounds crazy cos I haven’t been with kids my own age for a week and I’m having a mental breakdown

Bad things about me: Hahahahahaha that’s funny.


Make a post tagged ‘bxloomist’

Fill in this form:

Dear Annabel,

I would love to be a co-owner because ____________. I wish I could be you because __________. If I could describe your amazingness in one sentence or song lyric it would be ____________. I am worthy of your attention because _______________. If I was chosen I would ____________. Love, ____________