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✾❀✿ would you mind doing mine now or leaving it up for a couple of hours or more? it's just that i have to go to work in like 15 minutes, sorry to be a bother xx

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Comments: Hi! Personally I’m not too big of a fan of the open-holed banners but I think that’s just preference, so keep it if you would like! THe next theme would just be the colour scheme; they’re nice colours and you keep it consistent but the colours don’t clash very well with your blog or with each other. When I scroll down your blog I see quite a bit of text posts, which make for an unpleasant aesthetic appeal. You can still reblog them, just delete them after a few minutes!!

Overall: 8/10

Follow her and then Send me ✾❀✿ for a blog rate like this! I WILL GET TO ALL OF YOU!!  SOME OF YOU WILL BE DONE TOMORROW THOUGH! Just please be patient!

Well, I don’t really know what I say in this. Um, hi, I’m Andrea, and you can call me Andie because ‘Andrea’ sounds like a grandma’s name sorry. I’m a newbie here, and basically I made an account to gather motivation and inspiration for my other blog. I like bands, pizza, and overdoing things. John Green is my spirit animal and I have a deep adoration for Alex Gaskarth. I’m weird. 

I don’t have any followers poor me *sighs in thirty-seven languages* As I said, I’m new at this so it would be ideal to be on your faves.


followers can ignore!

HEY! im katie and i live in the US! ive had this blog for a little over two weeks and i have 102 followers. i love your blog and i would be HONORED to be on your faves page!!