New hair!!! What do you think?? Didn’t take off too much length but the last of my dreads are gone… Healthy, healthy hair now! Will show you a better picture later. Btw, I think I forgot to tell you… We bought a house!! Me and @dennisfromsalad are officially grown ups now. Holy crap.

#almostgrownup #holyshit #haircut #aruba

Some days, I think I hope that I can draw powers from my clothing….not sure what message I was trying to send today but I think it’s time to start dressing with Intention. In what world do any of these elements go together?! Who’s in: a metaphysical outfittage movement!

In other news, I cannot drink champagne+wear a corset & heels+work 8 hours on 4 hours of sleep and no food…who knew?