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Finally got to say hello in person to this Legend!!! I fully understand why he is the superstar that he is… Mad respect Mr Shahrukh Khan! @iamsrk #AsianAwards #London #HeGaveMeAShoutout #DontJudgeMe #HeWasCoolDespiteMyHistory #AlmostFamousWorldTour #O2ArenaApril18BeThere #5thTimeSellingOutTheO2Arena

#CjDrawsDay 14 - Penny Lane from Almost Famous (2000) Written and Directed by Cameron Crowe | April 6

“I always tell the girls never take it seriously. If you never take it seriously, you never get hurt. And if you never get hurt, you always have fun. And if you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends.”

Easier said than done. But awesome advice, especially when you’re in your early 20s, enjoying your youth. (Let’s insert the backdrop of the indie music scene filled with pseudo sensitive musicians or music loving boys that will eventually break your heart and cheap beer.)

Nothing compares to Almost Famous, imagine coming of age + rock n roll. So much philosophizing how it is better to stay uncool and not be friends with the rockstars, because indeed, they will ruin rock and roll.

If ever I’d give out my own advice, it would be, “Love the music, not the musician. The music will never leave.”

Although I can see myself now more in Lester Bangs than Penny Lane. But Penny Lane was magic.


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remember that time i posted about how sassy my sister was and it got posted everywhere on the dang internet


BASSment Vol.24

@Almost Famous (경성대/Kyungsung Univ.)
FRI 10PM April 24th, 2015

Special Guest :
Graye (Addvaluer/Young, Gifted & Wack) DJ Set

BASSment DJs :
Von Bueno (BASSment/Royal Flash Sound System)
Griff (BASSment/One Drop East)
Bora (Tanzabend)

24회째 BASSment는 최근 발매한 싱글 ‘Junk Pixel/Empty Space’로 평단과 팬들로부터 만장일치에 가까운 지지를 받으며, 현재 한국 비트 뮤직씬에서 가장 돋보이는 활약을 하고 있는 Graye가 스페셜 게스트로 함께 합니다. 두 해 전 ‘MON’이라는 인상적인 데뷔 EP를 발매한 이래 Addvaluer라는 주목할만한 로컬 힙합/비트뮤직 크루를 이끄는 동시에 서울과 군산을 오가며 프로듀싱, 라이브, DJ, 전시/무용음악 등 다양한 분야의 프로젝트를 병행하고 있으며, 75A라는 프로젝트 듀오의 앨범의 발매를 앞두고 있는 그는 힙합, 비트뮤직, 덥스텝, 훵크, 재즈 등 다양한 장르로부터 영향받아 자신만의 감각으로 구축한 비트를 디제이 세트로 풀어낼 예정입니다. 그리고 Royal Flash Sound System, Phantoms Of Riddim, 제따이-무, 베이스애딕트 재팬투어 등 활동거점을 서울과 해외로 넓히고 있는 BASSment의 두 파운더 Von Bueno와 Griff, 그리고 Tanzabend의 DJ Bora가 함께 합니다. 다채로운 비트와 베이스의 향연이 될 이번 BASSment를 놓치지 마세요. 

BASSment Collective, Busan’s only niche DJ collective of eclectic bass music, are bringing Graye who is recognized as the most talented artist in Korea’s beat music scene for their 24th party at Almost Famous in Kyungsung Univ street. This party will be Graye’s 1st performance in Busan since releasing his latest single ‘Junk Pixel/Empty Space’ which have received great reputation from the critics and fans. At DJ set, Graye conjurese Beat music with beautiful bleak electoronic compositions, while an equal amount of Hiphop, Dubstep, Jazz and bass-heavy club bangers. Also, Von Bueno, who is well known as the key person in Korea’s bass music scene to local and foreign scene for his long time contribution to the underground scene, will be playing sound system music from Grime to Dub with Griff, the co-founder of BASSment collective, and Tanzabend’s DJ Bora for this special night. This is not one to be missed.