In which there’s a water train.

Cucumber Quest is a webcomic created by Gigi D.G., and you can read the original comic here:

The dub takes place during pages 290 and 332 of the comic.

Cast (in order of apperance):

Nightmare Knight: WarpedNaba
Queen Cordelia: Overshadowed Projects
Peridot: SonicHearts
Sir Bacon: Zyggy567
Sir Tomato: KoVox
Cabbage: Zyggy567
Princess Parfait: Kylee Henke
Dame Lettuce: OMGAwkwardTurtle
King Kelp: J.K. Robbins
Queen Conch: FakeTsuki
Sir Carrot: DoctorLaser
Almond: FumieZ
Cucumber: Sakasa Jin’ei
Nautilus: ManicWednesdayVAs
Cosmo: Majinboo0111
Computer Voice: Jess
Saturday: GameCatt

Editing: Majinboo0111
Additional Art Cleanup: Maegan Launiere and Kurocodile

For a list of the music used, please check the Youtube video description