Tuesday marks 5 days until I start what’s building up to be one of the craziest trips I will ever take! So excited to be working with The Ally Coalition, Calling All Crows, PFLAG, and Fun. for 5 awesome days of learning and working for equality! #AllyCoalitionABT #OntourwithKJB

Yesterday, the Ally Coalition Alternative Break Tour team used the off day to help with Project Lazarus in New Orleans.
What is Project Lazarus? ABTer Brandon reports:

The concept is simple, yet the impact is profound and deeply meaningful. It’s The Lazarus Project, established roughly 25 years ago in New Orleans in response to the unique needs of persons living with HIV and AIDS.  Through the provision of housing, food, and an array of other supports, The Lazarus Project, sponsored by the New Orleans Archdiocese, provides its beneficiaries a safe haven and much welcomed home where they receive compassionate education on how to improve their life trajectory.

Originally founded out of the necessity to surround HIV positive members with love, family and a better place to die, The Lazarus Project now is focused on helping, healing and empowering people with HIV/AIDS by focusing on wellness, providing housing and offering support services. These services range from interactive meetings to their wellness university (currently focused on developing an LGBTQ focused class), and bringing in 15-20 volunteer groups a year. Volunteers come in not quite sure what to expect, but typically leave with a wealth of new information and resources, unbreakable bonds with the residents and a much greater understanding of the world they live in.  

Kathleen Welch, the facilities manager speaks about the transformation these groups normally encounter.  “Groups leave with a more intimate experience, stepping out of the status quo, reaching out of competency on impoverished communities, LGBTQ people, minorities, and the undeserved.”  The volunteer programs are also beneficial to the residents. “Residents love interacting and sharing stories with volunteers. It brings them a chance to be heard and recognized as people. They’re much more vibrant.” The Lazarus Project indeed catalyzes an inward resurrection of hope and promise.

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Our incredible partners for the Ally Coalition Alternative Break Tour

We’re all psyched to get the Ally Coalition Alternative Break Tour underway this Saturday, but we also know that it would not be possible without the help of two great organizations!

Calling All Crows- Touring with bands to combine service and music is what they do best! Through events much like the Ally Coalition ABT, they’ve helped raise $250,000 and invested more than 20,000 hours of service in local communities across North America and Europe. 

PFLAG- Through Straight For Equality, PFLAG teaches their members about what it takes to truly consider oneself an ally. As we stop through each city, PFLAG will be connecting with both the volunteers and the people we meet about the issues that the LGBTQ community is facing. 

Take a few minutes today to check out what our fantastic partners are doing outside of the Ally Coalition Alternative Break Tour!


Yesterday our Ally Coalition Alternative Break Tour volunteers met up with our local partners and old friends YouthPride! The volunteers did campus outreach around Georgia State to promote the resources made available to the students by YouthPride. 
Those services include counseling, a health clinic, support groups, HIV testing, suicide prevention, team building events, and so much more!

You can find pictures and comments from the volunteers about yesterday’s outreach as well as the rest of the Alternative Break Tour here!

The Ally Coalition Alternative Break Tour!

It’s finally (almost) here! The first ever Ally Coalition Alternative Break Tour starts this Saturday and we’re all excited to get into it.

We’re teaming up with the fantastic people at Calling All Crows and PFLAG’s Straight For Equality to bring 10 incredible, hand-picked volunteers along to FUN.’s stops in New Orleans, Houston and Atlanta.
Over those few days, the ABT team will be participating in service projects, team building and concert outreach. Working with our local partners at shows is great, but we cannot wait to work one on one with them on their own turf!

Over the next few days, we will be delving more into the people and organizations involved as well as the work they do every day. Keep following for plenty more to come!