To all my fellas, I got bad news and good news. The bad news: if your woman loves you, if you have been a good man, if you have blown her mind: she’s crazy. She is insane. She’s Swimfan. She’s Fatal Attraction. She’s Thin Line and The Crush. You have driven her mad. I don’t care how cool she is. She’s crazy. If she think she’s not, be afraid: she don’t KNOW she’s crazy. She has been through your phone and your emails. She knows your passwords. She knows how long it takes you to get from work to home, from home to your moms, and to all your boys houses. If you left her, she’d be watching your house from a tree with binoculars. The good news: she loves you. All of that crazy acting is because she loves you. When she does her crazy thing, LEAVE HER BE. Just don’t give her a real reason to wig out. Once her senses return, she will apologize. Look at it as a compliment. She loves you so much and you put it on her so good that she went bonkers. If you girl don’t ever go crazy, either she don’t love you like that, or you ain’t put it down to good enough to bring out her insanity. Real talk. #relationships #allwomenarecrazy #dealwithit