alltimelyrics replied to your post: Scratch that, i am falling for the cab already and i just heard them. I will always love All Time Low better! :)

The Cab, omg. JOEY THUNDER. What songs have you heard? c:

~I’ve heard temporary bliss, la la, her love is my religion, i’ll run (strings version), bad, can you keep a secret?, high hopes in velvet ropes, and take my hand 

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Ok, I am really confused about this whole #bravery thing. I just came back from school and I see all these trends on my dashboard, could you please tell me what is going on? Thanks.

I don’t really understand it either but people are writing bravery in their wrists because of people selfharming because of the larry shipper hate and because of them? I just don’t really get it sorry >_<

Alright you’re all invited to come to my askbox to speak about Louis, Larry Stylinson, Eleanor or whatever the fuck you want.