alltimelow-jack asked:

what'd you do today? 😁

Uhh… Woke up around 11:30, rp’d a little bit on my rp blogs, watched some Disney Channel, interacted awkwardly with my mom, went to the store and bought so many pringles, and then came home and watched more TV. And some ALS Ice Bucket Challenges.

  • 1D ship: Liam
  • 1D best friend: Louis
  • 5SOS ship: Michael
  • 5SOS best friend: Ashton


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thinkingout-loudd-deactivated20 asked:

I use too hate the way i looked. I always got made fun of how big my nose was and no girl dated me. It was horrible and id always come home and lock myself in my room and just stay there, away from all the aesthetics. When you look into the mirror, you have to tell yourself you're beautiful. You have to say to yourself "that is one fine mother fucker". You're beautiful on the insidde and out. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

I just can’t believe it, but thank you <3