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1. What is the last song you listened to?
lies from the once soundtrack .

2. What websites did you go on when you first started using the internet?
deviantart . i don’t go on it ever now, though .
unless i’m looking for stock or something like that . = u = ~

3. If you were part human and part animal, what animal would you want that part to be? (same concept as a satyr/mermaid/centaur, but any animal you wish)
i’d want to be part cat . because cats are cute and fluffy and i love them and i could sleep all day and have people pet behind my ear and and and ; u; ~

4. If you had to add a new member to your favorite group, who would you add?
… ze:a is flawless . there is nothing you could possibly add to them ever . like . i cant even think of anyone … maybe i’d throw stillnotdavid in it, so kevin could speak english with someone .

5. What type of role would you want if you were cast in a drama?
i would want to play a girl like han hee joo, or go hye mi .  someone who is strong, and goes for what they want, but still has problems, and eventually falls in love . i think that would be a fun character to play .

6. Do you still eat food after the expiration date has passed?
… depends on the type of food . dairy products, fruits or meats ? no . drinks, snacky food, chips ? yes .

7. Your dream concert: Which 5 artists would you have perform at the same concert?
jfskhfkjdhfkjsdfh omg
florence + the machine
one way
either like
chris garneau or epik high ( <while doing some of tablos solo stuff, too )

the crowd would be so varied omfg .

8. If you could shrink any person into a pocket-sized version to always carry around with you, who would you choose?

;dfhksdhfkjsdj omg why would this even this question .
omg . i would want to carry a tiny injoon around with me .
he’s so cute and silly, a tiny him would end my life . ; u;~<3

9. You have to give up one of your senses (see, smell, hear, taste, feel), which one do you give up?
uhm . taste .  then maybe i’d be able to lose some weight . o

10. How long has your bias been your bias?
since i got into kpop . like REALLY into kpop . siwan has been with me since last year, here i am promotions . ; u;

11. What Disney character would you marry?
kovu, if HE WAS HUMAN .
or jim hawkins . because he is a flawless human bean and i lub him fureber .


1. what is your all time favourite film ?

2. if you could meet anyone, and spend a single day with them in a park, who would it be ?

3. what are your top three songs ?

4. what is your favourite word ?

5. you’re alone, in a white room, with every colour of paint ever . what do you do with it ?

6. floral, leopard, zebra, stripes or polka dots ?

7. circles or squares ?

8. top eight books ?

9. if your life was a musical, what song would play when you walked into school/work ?

10. do you sleep with a stuffed animal ?

11. from one to four, order your favourite seasons .


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and any other six people who see this bye .