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'twas chronicallyace what done tagged me. (I don’t know why I slipped into that grammar accent thingy there don’t judge me)

1) What kind of pets do you have, if any?

Well, there are two cats in my house. One is mine and the others me mum’s. Whisper is basically one of the best things about my life right now, and I’m so glad to have her. Is making it a litlte harder to move out tho since not a lot of apartments allow pets. :(

2) What is your go-to method to save off boredom?

Games and/or movies/telly. Also chatting/hanging with friends if they’re around. :)

3) What are your fandoms (if any)?

Hahaha, are we going to filter by how deep in I am or not? Cuz the list could pretty long without… I’ll just go off the top of my head till it’s starts getting difficult :3

Kingdom Hearts, Homestuck, Code Lyoko, Zelda, Pokemon, The Hobbit Book (and slightly upset I have to specify), Harry Potter but very inactive member, The Farsala Trilogy (IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THOSE DO IT NOW OK. I’M SERIOUS TURN OFF THE COMPUTER GO TO THE LIBRARY AND GET THEM. YOU CAN HAVE YOUR TUMBLR BACK AFTER YOU FINISH), The parts of superwholock, but all pretty inactive and I don’t care for the crossovers so much :P, and probably others I’m forgetting but ya, we’ll call that good for now. :P

4) Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Definitely night owl. Or night cat really :3

5) Do you have any siblings?

One younger brother, we’re not close though. I honestly barely know anything about him. (8 year age gap will do that sometimes, apparently.)

6) What was the first movie that made you cry? (If one ever has!)

Probably Bridge to fucking Terabithia. God I hate that movie, TOO SAD. (It’s not a bad movie ftr I just can’t watch it cuz seriously, I like my heart to not shatter into a million pieces thank you very much.)

7) Is there a song you can’t help dancing to? What?

No, I’m not really a dancer. Anything with a decent rythm is about 70%+ likely to get my head bobbing or my limbs tapping tho, so does that count?

8) One thing that makes you angry?

People insisting that love has to be romantic or that romance is the highest form of love. Especially people using that assumption to shit on people who don’t agree with them about whatever. (Usually ships, but also see the qp tag…)

9) What is one food you can’t stand to eat above all others?

Hmm… I dunno, I’m a really picky eater so there’s a lot of things I won’t eat, but I’m not sure any of them are like, worse than the rest by that much?

Oh, wait, let’s go with Mint. I detest mint. It’s always way too strong, stays in your mouth for forever so everything tastes minty for like a day, and it reminds of toothpaste and mouthwash.

10) Do you play any instruments?

I do not :( I almost want to, but I’m kind of a little (or maybe a lot?) tone deaf so I’m pretty positive I’d be terrible. Music is really cool but I don’t think I get it like most people do, and I have no talent whatsoever for making it.

11) Describe your “dream home.”

Really big. Like, 8+ bedrooms. Five or so of those would be occupied by permanent residents, the rest would be for friends who don’t want to live there all the time to use when they visit :3

There’d be a giant basement, with rooms dedicated to gaming, at least one for tabletop and board games and such, probably one dedicated to wargames so we can leave them set up all the time because they take FOREVER lol. and a big area with movie theater seats and big pillows and those nest couch things I saw forever ago but can’t remember the name of, oh and a projector and screen.

There’d also be a library, and the living room would be really big so we could have big hangouts there in addition to in the basement. Big yard in the back with a pool. There would also be at least one hot tub, possibly several.

The upstairs, where most or all of the bedrooms would be, would also have several balconies. Ideally there’d be little ‘secret’ hideaways and possibly connections between rooms you didn’t think where connected.

I could literally go on about this all night to be honest, I’ve put a LOT of thought into it… 

But to be completely honest, all of that is just the ideal, the icing on the cake. The most important part of my dream home is that it be filled with awesome friends who love each other (including me of course >.>)

My questions:

  1. Pick one super power, and why. And no cheaty stuff like unlimited wishes or whatever :P
  2. You can go anywhere in the world and stay there obligation free for one week, but you can’t ever go back afterwards. Where do you pick?
  3. Deciduous or Evergreen?
  4. Favorite Holiday? Why?
  5. If you had to pick between a trampoline and a pool, which one would you take?
  6. You can have any animal (fictional or otherwise) as a pet, and it will be well behaved and listen to you, what do you want?
  7. Do you like trains, busses, cars, or bikes more? (or some other form of transportation!)
  8. Least favorite smell.
  9. Most loved smell. :)
  10. Do you want kids? If so how many, and if not would you enjoy helping other people (friends / family) raise theirs, like an aunt/uncle?
  11. You can have a house in the woods with a tree that always has plenty of perfectly ripe fruit, it’s always exactly the weather you want it to be, and you’re surrounded by the most lovable and friendly woodland creatures imaginable. But you can’t have internet, no one can visit you, and if you leave you can never find it again. Would you go? How long do you think you’d stay? How long would you put off going?


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I’m torn between being really angry at how romantic relationships between women are often written off by outsiders as being close friendships

And also severely burned by people complaining about it because my close friendship is often written off by outsiders as a romantic relationship

hopahontas said:

You're right about the hate from other people. And this is just a little blurb I wrote at what 2 am and was approved by other bisexuals. People think I'm slut shaming and everything when I'm not, I used to think I was bisexual myself. And this is something I've noticed that a lot of teen girls I know do for just pure attention from others. No other reason, which sadly stems from them wanting boys to find them attractive as possible and keep boyfriends around. I've seen it and witnessed it.

They abuse the term and use it to keep guys around, there’s a huge difference of it. Maybe I wasn’t clear. But now I’m getting told I’m slut shaming and being all types of some sort of phobia when I’m so fucking far from that.

I hope you don’t mind if I answer this publicly, since it wasn’t actually my commentary you’re responding to?

Anyway, I get that you’re not trying to slut shame or anything. And honestly I didn’t really read your post as slut shaming myself.

I’m not going to say that no one has ever id’d as bisexual solely for the attention, or to keep a boy around, or whatever. I’m sure that that has happened and will continue to happen, unfortunately.

However, implying that anyone who id’s as bisexual before age whatever must be doing that, is kind of rude. For one thing, figuring out sexuality is hard enough as it is. People telling you well, don’t id as that yet because you’re young and it’s complicated etc, that doesn’t help. It just makes you even more confused and doubtful.

For another thing, it’s ok to id as something and then change your id later. We’re not perfect, we can’t be expected to be perfectly aware of our own status either. It’s ok to be wrong. Also, sexuality is fluid, much as the LGBT+ movement likes to hammer the “born this way” argument, a persons sexuality really can change over time. Not everyone’s does, and I don’t even want to try and guess at proportions, but it can happen.

Point is, being bi is hard. As a non-monosexual yourself, and as someone who used to id as bi, you should know that. They get enough hate from both the straight and gay communities as it is. They don’t really need other bisexuals, or other polysexual orientations, adding to the pile.

I get that you’re saying what you’re saying because that sort of behavior, going by bi for attention or whatever, stereotypes the entire sexuality and causes all bisexuals to have to deal with it. But the thing is, you’re actually perpetuating the stereotype here.

I hope that this hasn’t come off as too rude, my train is getting close to my stop so I’m a little bit rushed.

I’ve never listened to the group these guys are from, but I just stumbled across this gif and it made me laugh.

This is basically something that happens on a daily basis with J and I. I try to do something jokingly to “invade her space,” and then she does something that totally just makes me go “OH GOD WTF.”

Which yeah. Includes licking me.

We’re not weird. Shut up.

Platonic partner weirdness

To be honest, I have a hard time figuring out how to refer to J when speaking to people outside of Tumblr or asexual spaces (read: people who I can’t be sure would understand what I mean by “platonic partner”).

She’s my partner, but not a romantic one. Calling her my “friend” feels laughable. “Best friend” is seen as childish for people our age.

I usually end up referring to her as my roommate, which is funny. Instead of describing our emotional connection, I fall back onto the functional part of our relationship.

anonymous said:

I just wanted to ask, what is it like to have a platonic life partner offline?

Hi, anon! Thanks for the question. C:

Well… it’s… awesome? I don’t know what kind of an answer you’re looking for. ^^;;

Just like romantic relationships, people in QPRs handle their relationships in their own way, and no two relationships are quite the same. But I can speak from my own personal experience.

In a lot of ways, my relationship with J resembles a romantic relationship. We share an apartment (but we have our own rooms) and have bought furniture/electronics/household items together. We take turns cooking, doing the dishes, and taking care of the pets. Once a week—unless something comes up—we go out to eat and see a movie, a tradition we’ve upheld for around five years since we were in college together. It’s basically a platonic date, although I didn’t start thinking of it that way until recently.

We rely on each other a lot. If one of us gets into financial trouble, the other one is there to help out. We can depend on one another for support with problems we might be too afraid to share with other people, because we have a good understanding of one another, and I know I can always trust her to listen to me without judgment.

I took off work to attend a funeral with J when she had no one to go with her. When I’ve been sick, she’s brought me soup and taken care of things around the apartment so I can rest. Each of us tends to think of the other one before we make plans, because we do spend a great deal of time together, and it would be very strange for one of us to simply go somewhere without telling the other.

We hang out a lot. We watch movies together, do art stuff together, write, read each others’ writing, do craft projects, take little outings together (like to the local zoo or botanic gardens), listen to music, or whatever else we feel like. We like a lot of the same things, so it works out really well.

I dunno. Put simply, J is the most important person in my life, and I can’t imagine not having her there. I love her, but there’s nothing romantic about it. I hug her, and sometimes hold her hand, but neither one of us has anything but platonic feelings for the other. If either one of us wanted to get into a romantic relationship, it would be fine. Possibly challenging to explain to our romantic partners, but there wouldn’t be a problem as far as either one of us were concerned.

That’s really all I can think of. J? Any thoughts? I know you’ve written about this a little bit before, but if you have anything to add, go for it.