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Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

The cool breeze of the first of spring ruffles soft raven locks, brushing what wasn’t elegantly pulled back across freckles cheeks. Unlike the regal bearing his appearance demanded he exude, his features were pulled into an irritated frown. His arms were crossed over a jacket that was too expensive for some to even glance at, literal gold trims lining it in decorative patterns. 

The reason for such a disgusting display of wealth? Well, it was simple. Gol D. Ace, the young man wandered with an annoyed air down the street, was the crown prince of the kingdom. And so extravagance just kind of came with the territory, and people hastily made to get out of his path when he passed.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

The extravagant home he was passing looked oddly vacant, no people in the yard, mingling on the porch, the curtains completely drawn. It was as if it were mocking those children’s song. Emptiness screamed at the young prince, making his eyes linger on the place longer than was strictly normal. It was as if it were saying there was something wrong.

His eyes drifted to look at the children playing in the nearby garden of the next house, pruned and preened to perfection with two maids standing nearby. Their happily sung nursery rhyme met his ears, ringing in them as if they were being spoken just to him. Mocking him. Telling him there was nothing he could do.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men

Because there was something wrong with the kingdom. He had no idea what, but here was something terribly wrong about it. The friend he’d made a mere week ago proved that, even if walking the streets didn’t. And there wasn’t just something wrong with the kingdom, there was something wrong with his father.

It was hard to see it, to be completely honest. Ace had never seen eye to eye with his father, a term here which means ‘avoided the man like the plague’, but this couldn’t really be ignored. Eventually something terrible was going to happen, perhaps already did, and someone somewhere out there was going to get hurt.

Couldn’t put Humpty together again

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