Zodiac Signs and Handling Depression/Anxiety.
  • Aries:They get really angry inside and can get scared about it. They tend to get even more aggressive.
  • Taurus:They try to forget about depression by drinking alcohol, and they become more and more desperate.
  • Gemini:They want to be alone and is trying to move on from depression. They also tend to have mood swings.
  • Cancer:They unfortunately can't handle depression that well. They usually cry a lot when they're alone. And they tend to get more emotional.
  • Leo:They tend to get more attention seeking and pretends that they're happy and always fakes a smile.
  • Virgo:They usually try to find some ways how to not be depressed and they tend to get a little moody.
  • Libra:They tend to be passive-aggressive about it, tries to be happy and pretends to.
  • Scorpio:They will be unusually quiet, tends to be more secretive and gets even more jealous.
  • Sagittarius:Tries to forget about it. They will tend to get even more angry if they get criticized.
  • Capricorn:They can get too attached to their friends. They tend to get more pessimistic and negative.
  • Aquarius:More and more alone time for them. And they tend to snap at you sometimes.
  • Pisces:Lots of suicidal thoughts. They get more emotional and get attached to their friends.
Confessions of a Zodiac
  • (Submitted by Tumblr Users and Anons)
  • Aries:I often start fights with my loved ones when I feel they are forgetting me or if I feel like they lost interest and haven't been giving me enough attention, i would rather do that then admit that I miss them, because then that just makes you look weak.
  • Taurus:I think before I leap because my personality is being a careful person, to make sure everything goes right exactly how I plan it.
  • Gemini:It's extremely hard to control my opinions, considering i see two (or more) sides of every conversation / argument. My head is kinda going insane from restlessness. i suppose i demand for a straight up answer for all my questions in my head.
  • Cancer:I'm holding a grudge against someone. They did something small but it stood with me for the longest time and I can't let it go. They really hurt me but they don't even know and I'm afraid they never will.
  • Leo:Loyalty is the only thing I want a friend to have. If you're my friend but you weren't that loyal as much as I thought, then I don't trust you anymore.
  • Virgo:it might just be me, but if you move my stuff out of the order i put i in, i literally will eviscerate you. don't move it unless i say you can. don't touch it without permission, thank you, and goodnight.
  • Libra:I may love all my friends, but I also want good-mannered friends because I don't like sloppy people. Mostly I just want friends that can cheer me up whenever I'm down.
  • Scorpio:I always tend to have a secret, but only my closest friends can know my secrets.
  • Sagittarius:I have a habit of traveling around the world when I'm happy, but when I'm having sad thoughts, I try to forget it.
  • Capricorn:I can't stand when people attempt to argue without solid facts. Opinions are not valid in an argument. It gets me ALL worked up.
  • Aquarius:I overthink things. And that makes me afraid of love. (Sorry I had to use this again, it's so freakin' accurate!)
  • Pisces:Sometimes I get out of reality and get needs and space for my own time for thinking mostly about life happenings.
What Are Your Favorite Things?
  • ARIES:Video Games, mostly with fighting in it, puzzle games, it keeps my brain going and road trips.
  • TAURUS:Food, mostly snacks. Money, not being greedy or anything but I can use money to spend on whatever I want, a trip to the karaoke bar.
  • GEMINI:An iPhone, the latest ones. Fast cars and really good electronic gadgets.
  • CANCER:Gourmet meals, working with kids a lot, handmade knitted scarf or sweaters.
  • LEO:Red roses, exchanging gifts, new trendy clothes, and something I've never seen before.
  • VIRGO:Laptops, magazines, notebook organizers
  • LIBRA:Designer Clothes, probably a new pair of shoes, and concert or Broadway tickets.
  • SCORPIO:A sense of danger and mystery, diary or journal with a lock, something really rare.
  • SAGITTARIUS:Dares and flirting, pop music, going around the world all over countries.
  • CAPRICORN:Card games, exclusive clubs, a book about art or Do-It-Yourself manuals.
  • AQUARIUS:Computer Programming, intramural games, a Venus Flytrap (they think it's fascinating)
  • PISCES:A trip to the beach, vacation, Christmas Trees / Decorations.
Zodiac Signs and Interests: (REVISED)
  • ARIES:Computer Games, Parties, Sports, Adventures
  • TAURUS:Restaurant Food, Relaxing Music, Shopping, Desserts
  • GEMINI:Fictional Books, Socializing, Researching, Pranking
  • CANCER:Home Cooked Meals, Gifts from Friends, Family Bonding, Short Trips
  • LEO:Anything Golden, Wearing Designer Outfits, Loves Shopping, New Clothes
  • VIRGO:Pictures of Past Memories, Clean Clothes, Going to Bookshops, Long Hot Baths.
  • LIBRA:Giving Gifts, Parties, Reading Magazines, Socializing
  • SCORPIO:Mystery/Thriller Books, Diaries and Journals, Lockets, Tickets to Concerts from their Favorite Artist/Band
  • SAGITTARIUS:Traveling (Mostly Around the World), Freedom, Being Outdoors, Meeting With Other Friends
  • CAPRICORN:Humorous sitcoms, Private Clubs, Movie Marathons, Owning A Business
  • AQUARIUS:Astrology, Meeting New People, Unusual Things, Venus-Flytrap
  • PISCES:Viewing A Sunrise, Classical Music, A Ticket Watch a Broadway, Looking at Galleries
How the Zodiac Signs react when they're forced to dance.
  • Aries:I DON'T WANNA!...but does it capture attention?
  • Taurus:I'm going to show my awesome moves!
  • Gemini:This is a weird dance song choice, also I'm not dancing.
  • Cancer:No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
  • Leo:Now I'll just show these people my dance moves just to capture attention!
  • Virgo:No thanks, I don't want to dance.
  • Libra:Should I dance or shouldn't I?
  • Scorpio:If you force me to dance, I'll kill you in your sleep.
  • Sagittarius:I don't mind but...
  • Aquarius:I've been force to dance! What should I do? Oh I know, I'll just derp dance, a weird dance!
  • Pisces:My friends says I'm good at dancing...I'm unsure of what to do...
What's Your Wish?
  • Aries:Winning
  • Taurus:I can beg for money all day long
  • Gemini:To know everything
  • Cancer:To make my family happy
  • Leo:Probably rule the world
  • Virgo:To be a hero
  • Libra:To be loved
  • Scorpio:Complete control
  • Sagittarius:Travel around the world maybe?
  • Capricorn:To finish my goals
  • Aquarius:Freedom and...and go back in time (to meet my ancestors)
  • Pisces:Unconditional love
How Does Each Sign React After Break Ups
  • Aries:Will get angry and snap at their friends, will try not to cry, and will make friends their slaves.
  • Taurus:Will try to fix the relationship, if , will try to get over it.
  • Gemini:Can easily get over the relationship, but if the Gemini has a water sign on his/her birth chart, it would take about 1-2 months to get over it.
  • Cancer:Will get too emotional, will get advice from any family member to get over the break ups.
  • Leo:Will try to get over it, when the Leos sees his/her ex, they will get more dramatic.
  • Virgo:Will pretend nothing has happened, his/her perfection will get out of control.
  • Libra:Will listen to too much love music, will try to hide their emotions and sadness.
  • Scorpio:Will ask their friends how to get over the relationship, will avoid their ex
  • Sagittarius:Will do their favorite things to get over their ex, will try to be optimistic about themselves.
  • Capricorn:He/she can get more quiet, will become cold and harsh and will snap.
  • Aquarius:Will try to be still friends with their ex, will be uncomfortable in the same room with their ex.
  • Pisces:Will cry alone in a room, would get a little clingy, moody and hypersensitive.
How the Zodiacs React After School/Graduation
  • Taurus:I can finally take a break, uh guys, we can hang out for a little while...
  • Gemini:ALL I CARE IS VACATION! Now I'm back on Facebook and Instagram hehe
  • Cancer:Yeah this vacation, I'll probably help my family in work business...they're always busy
  • Leo:I'm going home to watch TV and switch all the channels like crazy and hog the TV
  • Virgo:I deserve a break. I want break time. Just hope not to forget my school lessons.
  • Libra:I'm gonna look awesome this summer! Although, I don't know why some of the teachers stay in school and are assigned to do paperwork but I'm so excited!!
  • Scorpio:Guys, I can't tell you where I'm going! It's a secret. Fine if you tell me where your going, I'll tell where I'm going this vacation.
  • Sagittarius:I'm gonna travel all around the country and around the globe! No I'm serious, no kidding.
  • Capricorn:Sorry guys, can't hang out with you tonight, I got dinner reservations tonight to celebrate with my family
  • Pisces:I'm just gonna lie down my bed tonight and have a good night vacation to reward myself hehe