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Bosca - Der mit den Adlern fliegt (prod. Allrounda) (by freundevonniemand)

Mixtape Review: Noah - Progressive Mindstate

Mixtape Review: Noah – Progressive Mindstate

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Noah is an upcoming hip-hop artist from Austin, Texas. While growing up he wished for better days. During middle school Noah decided to pick up a pen and embrace his craft of being able to write rhymes. During this phrase Noah is influence by many artists such as Tupac, Biggie, Nas, Bone Thugs, and Chamillionaire. Getting ready to step foot…

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Mattah - Leave Them Behind

I know i’ve posted this before, but if you haven’t heard it yet I recommend you check it out! This guy is amazing and even his tunes make it to my ipod despite the different genres. 

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New music coming from me soon !!! #mrcrowleymusic #rhythmwritermusic #rdub #nightflight #trainsandshit #metro #ochiphop #allrounda

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Darauf haben seine Fans lange gewartet. Freunde von Niemand-Member Bosca releast ja bekanntlich in Bälde sein neues Album “Solange es schlägt”. Nun gibt es auch schon ein erstes Video: “Der mit den Adlern fliegt”. Beat stammt von Allrounda

2Pac - I Wont Be Denied


Collaboration between DJ ThugMind & Makaveli - Soulja!!
Produced by Allrounda Beats!

DJ ThugMind:

If you could please share this with your friends and family on facebook etc i would really appreciate it! #soulja #thuglife #teamgoodfight #comeout #gunblazin